My Kinda Crazy

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??? I dropped my tablet and that happened.....Im not even sure. Anywho this book is 8 reads away from 500 yeah! So thanks guys. Anywho on with the story. Hannah's bedroom and Summer's outfit is on the side. Enjoy!

Hannah's pov

I'm so bored! Yeah right now I was sitting here watching bubble guppies while Niall slept. So I was alone with my telly. Hm I wonder if Louis is up? Ding. Ugh I don't even know where my phone is. I felt around the couch for my phone. When I finally found it I saw I had a message from Louis.

From superman;)
hey u up

To superman;)
No i text in my sleep

From superman;)
Cool i wish i could....*sigh* can i come over

To superman;)
Sure :)

From superman;)
Be there in a few

Yeah now I'm not alone. Well I still am but not for long. I hope. I decided to make breakfast while I wait. I went to the kitchen and got some pancake mix. Let's hope this dosen't burn. I mixed the batter and then put it in the pan. Flip flip flip. Ugh making breakfast is so boring. I managed to make 5 before Niall came into the kitchen and took them and the plate.

"Thanks sis." Niall said before putting on some syrup and butter.

"Oh sure that wasn't mine." I muttered the last part under my breath. Then when I finally got 4 more made Louis walks in.

"Aw I didn't know you was gonna make me breakfast you shouldn't have." He said before grabbing the plate and putting some syrup on it and leaving. Great now I'm out of batter. Ya know what I am just eating poptarts. I walked into the kitchen and the boys were sitting on the couch eating MY breakfast.

"Ya know you should of made some more of these pancakes and ate them they are delicious." Louis said. I walked over and sat in the chair and stared at them as they ate my pankcakes.

"You look upset." Niall said.

"Yeah well you are eating my breakfast that I had made for me." I said.

"Oh well on a plus side they were good." Louis said grabbing his and Niall's plates before going taking them to the kitchen.

"Hey Han I'm taking Summer on a date tonight so I won't be home for awhile." Niall told me.

"Oh well have fun." I said as he walked upstairs. Louis walked back in and sat on the arm of my chair.

"Ya know those pancakes were good I wouldn't mind having those every morning." Louis said before winking.

"Mhm." I said.

"Yeah." He said before leaning down and pecking me on the lips.

"We should call the others over and play truth or dare later." I said pulling away.

"Yeah." He said before picking me up.

"Louis William Tomlinson put me down right now!" I screamed.

"Nah." He said spinning me around.

"Niall!" I screamed.

"Yes." He said leaning around the door frame.

"Uh little help." I asked. By now Louis had stopped spinning me around.

"Course." He said. "Louis put her down." He shot Louis a wink and I knew they was up to something.

"Okay." He said. Then as soon as I was down on the couch they both started tickling me.

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