26 | Fear and Self-Loathing In Georgetown

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Sebastian had always found that a shower was the cure-all for anything that was bothering him

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Sebastian had always found that a shower was the cure-all for anything that was bothering him. He could always count on the hot water to ease the knots in his shoulders and soothe his mind, but today that didn't seem to be working.

"You're an idiot," he scolded himself as he thunked his head against the shower wall. "An absolute fucking idiot."

The scalding water cascading down his back wasn't doing anything to relieve the tension thrumming through him -- tension that had come from the scene that had just played out in the hallway. He hadn't meant to take it that far just because William had been watching them, so he couldn't help but wonder what had pushed him to do it.

God, that was a lie, he knew exactly why he had done it, he just wasn't ready to admit it to himself. Denial just felt too damn good.

Sebastian let out an exasperated sigh as he closed his eyes and let the water run over his face. Denial wasn't going to get him anywhere. He just needed to own up to the fact that he, quite possibly...

...liked Stick Girl.

The thought brought about another head thunk. Maybe if he killed enough brain cells he'd forget all of this ever happened. Hell, maybe he'd kill enough to forget she even existed.

Suddenly, the door to the bathroom swung open, and a wave of icy air blew in. Before he could say anything in protest, the intruder spoke.

"Dude, I can hear you talking to yourself from down the hall," Michael called out as kicked the door shut behind him. "If you're going to be doing some serious self-loathing, you could at least be considerate to others and keep your voice down."

Sebastian wiped water out of his eyes, frustrated at Michael's inopportune entrance but glad that no one else was with him. "Fuck off, Michael."

"I never thought you were that type of guy, Seb," he said in mock surprise, his footsteps drawing closer. "But if you really want me to, I can get in there with you. I'll wash your back if you wash mine, sweetheart. What do you say?"

An involuntary smile pulled at the corners of Sebastian's mouth. "Are you trying to cheer me up?"

"Something along those lines," he replied offhandedly. Through the fogged up glass of the shower door, Sebastian saw him wipe the condensation off the mirror to check his appearance. "But mostly I'm just wondering why you're talking to yourself and hitting your head against the wall."

"How did you--"

"Seb, if I could hear you talking out in the hallway, there's no way I could've missed that," Michael cut him off, a hint of humor in his voice. "What's going on?"

"It's nothing," Sebastian replied shortly as he grabbed his shower gel. "Really."

"Are you trying to say you don't trust me?" Michael gasped, mock hurt. "You wound me, Sebastian! Here I was thinking we had something special."

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