XIX. Wildcard

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*ding dong*

"Oh shi-" Sunoo said in panic. He wasn't finished getting ready yet the person he was expecting was already outside his apartment door.

"Coming! Give me 1 minute!" he said, sighing in embarrassment because he didn't want to keep the person outside waiting.

He hurriedly wore his belt and at the same time finished his breakfast. He was in a hurry - scrambling all over the place to look for his shoes. He regrets not waking up earlier than he should have.

*tap tap tap*

Niki fidgeted his foot in nervousness while patiently waiting for Sunoo to come out of the door. This is the first time Niki actually asked Sunoo out. Oftentimes, their hangouts would be random and spontaneous, but their hangout today is something Niki had planned and prepared for for days.

Finally, Sunoo opened the door and came outside. He's very well dressed that you can't even tell he was in a rush earlier.

Niki's heart skipped a beat - he was in awe of how good Sunoo looks. The happened to Sunoo - he had butterflies in his stomach upon seeing Niki in an outfit that isn't their school uniform. Niki's polo and jeans did justice to his visuals.

"Hi." Niki said, trying his best to keep himself composed.

"Hi." Sunoo replied bashfully.

The two teenagers looked at each other while standing there for about 20 seconds before they snapped back to reality.

"Uhhh, we should get going don't you think?" Sunoo asked.

"Oh- uhhh right! we should get there before it gets too crowded. Thankfully it's not that far from here." Niki responded.

He saw that Sunoo was carrying a small string bag meanwhile he was carrying nothing but his phone and wallet. So, he offered to help Sunoo.

"I'll carry that for you."

"It's okay, I'll carry it. There's nothing much in here yet."


"I'll place the things I'll buy later in here! Like merch or something hehe."

With that out of the way, Niki and Sunoo started walking side by side to the Japanese-Con.


"Welcome to Japan-Con! The number #1 source of all things Japan, come and take a look!"

"Ohh, is that..."

Jungwon dozed off for a second upon smelling takoyaki - his favorite Japanese food. The savory smell of the dish brought many memories back to Jungwon, memories of his life back in Japan. Oh how he missed his home so much.

After savoring the nostalgic smell of the fried Japanese food, he opened his eyes to see the wonders of the convention. Much to his surprise, it doesn't look bad unlike what he had presumably thought. He thought the convention is mediocre, but he underestimated the effort people put into making this event.

The building was designed like the busy streets of Tokyo. The floor looked like streets. Several props like billboards, traffic lights, and lamp posts were scattered throughout the building. All the booths had their own design that made them look like an actual store.

It looked exactly like the Japan Jungwon knows. The sight before him is a dream.

But he must stay focused. He cam here for one thing and one thing only.

But...he should have fun while he's here, right?

"WOW THIS IS SO GOOD!!!" Jungwon shed tears of joy. The savory oceanic flavor of the takoyaki was too good for just one order, so Jungwon bought 3 - 4 pieces per order. His eyes glistened as the takoyaki melted inside his mouth.

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