9. Cupids

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"Tell me, O! Why are you being so weird? This non-stop smiling and-- why didn't you come with us from the stadium?" Rudra continued his nagging. He had been waiting for his elder brother at the entrance so that the confrontation doesn't slip off.

Omkara said nothing; he had a perpetual smile and shrugged at Rudra making the latter scowl.

"What did you do?"

Omkara ignored Rudra, rolling eyes at his question as he made way to the hall of Oberoi Mansion. He smiled and made way towards his mother who was sitting with Anika and Pinky.

"Thank you, Mom!" Omkara mumbled as he hugged Jhanvi tightly after he plopped himself at the couch.

She patted him in response with a grin and pouted as he release her from the hug. 

"See Pinky, our children started thanking us!"Jhanvi twitched her lips, disappointed. "Now, we also..."

"Oh mom, sorry sorry..." Om was quick to mumble making Jhanvi and Pinky laugh aloud.

Anika and Rudra raised their eyebrows and narrowed their eyes at the people sitting before them.

"You guys have audience!" Anika grumbled pouting.

"You spoke to her?" Jhanvi asked Om, smiling while Anika scoffed on getting ignored.

"You spoke to her!" Rudra repeated, bewildered at the sudden development.

Seeing Om smiling, Jhanvi and Pinky grinned glancing each other. "What did she say?"Jhanvi probed further.

"How did you suddenly decide to speak to her?" Rudra frowned.

"Shut up for sometime, Rudra." Jhanvi smacked her younger son's head.

"Of course! Everyone is keen on shutting me up always!" He grumbled.

Jhanvi, Pinky and Anika continued waiting for Om's response. Though Anika knew nothing, waiting with the elder ladies seemed to do better to quench her curiousity.

Omkara smiled widely and shrugged at the ladies before him.  "You know, mom! The obvious." 

Pinky teased him nudging his shoulder while Jhanvi chuckled seeing the rare sight of her son blushing .

"Yeh kya, kyun aur kaise hua?" Rudra shrieked. "This is not fair, Om."

~ Flashback

"Tomorrow is her semi-finals right!" Om said with a faint smile. "She will be busy practising."

"She'll be always busy, Om." Shivaay spoke wiping the smile off his face. "Think about it." He added before accompanying Anika to their room.

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