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"I want foooood.
But the league doesn't have anything that tastes good.
Ugh." Midoriya thought to himself

"What's wrong?" Kurogiri asked as he noticed the ticked off look on Midoriya's face.

There's no food." Midoriya replied.

"We have food?"

"Not good food..."

"What food do you want that we don't have?"

"Chicken strips."

"Ah, we definitely don't have that.
You could just go get it yourself."

"I can?"

"Get a disguise and yeah."

Midoriya slumped off the uncomfortable couch and was handed a disguise by kurogiri.

"These are for your eyes, they match the description too well.
This is for your horns and hair, and you can wear whatever you want as long as you hide your tail" kurogiri said.

"My horns come out of my forehead.
How exactly is this hat going to cover that..?" Midoriya pointed at his horns.

"You put the beanie on first then the cap, it'll be disguised well enough.
You can tuck your tail into your pants.
Contacts are going to hide your actual eye color.
And now just wear any baggy clothes and no one will know who you are." Kurogiri said.

Okay then".

"The changing room is down the hall, first room on the left"

Midoriya nodded his head and walked away to get dressed.
He found a drawer full of clothes sitting there.
He went through it and pulled out some blue jeans and a casual hoodie.

He got dressed and walked out.

"Your facial features are quite recognizable.
Put on some kind of mask to cover your lower half of your face"

Kurogiri tossed Midoriya a mask and walked away.
Midoriya put it on, "hey hold on!
Where's the exit?"

Kurogiri opened a warp gate and sent Midoriya on his way.

Midoriya reappeared in an alleyway.
I just gotta be casual" Midoriya thought to himself as he walked out of the alleyway and walked down the street.

He noticed police forces running down the streets of Kyoto and some winged hero flying above.

He ignored them like everyone else and made his way to a food court that was waiting for customers.
"Oh I didn't bring any money.
That's not good" .

"What would you like?"

Midoriya looked over his options, "uh, 3 Yakitori"

"That'll be 1000 yen."

Midoriya pretended to be going through his pockets for money but he was actually removing his quirk cancelling cuff.

"Hand me the food" Midoriya said, manipulating the mind of the cashier.
The cashier turned around and pulled out 3 Yakitori.

He handed it to Midoriya.

"Forget this conversation ever happened"
Midoriya said that and walked away.

Once he got far enough he put the quirk cancelling cuff back on and started to eat.

Aizawa ran right by him, as did a bunch of other heroes with police searching for Midoriya.
Midoriya chuckled from under his mask and continued to walk away.

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