Chapter 21

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He carried Louis into their bedroom and laid him down on the bed, admiring his sleeping form lovingly. It wasn't very often he got to just stare at the perfect boy, and now that Louis was pregnant it seemed that the nights had gotten shorter, even if it was winter time, and his chances lessened even further. He smiled sadly to himself and walked to their dresser, pulling out one of his t-shirts and a pair of Louis' special panties, this pair being a plain black lace. He walked back to the bed and slipped the shirt onto Louis' body slowly, glad that he was a heavy sleeper. Trailing his eyes down the boys body, he felt himself harder once again at the sight of the fluffy fox tail peaking out from behind his back.

He frowned at his thoughts, knowing that it was wrong, but five minutes later he found himself slowly pulling the plug out of the sleeping boys hole and moaning as quietly as possible when he felt the greedy hole tugging at it to keep it in; even in his sleep Louis was a little cock whore. When it finally came out he trailed his tongue around the rim of the juicy hole and hummed at the combination of cum and a hint of vanilla lube. Licking deeply into the loose hole, he unhooked Louis' leg from over his shoulder and climbed up the bed, hovering over Louis. He trailed his hand lightly down Louis' cheek to make sure he was sound asleep before inserting his now fully hard cock into the puffy hole.

Moaning in satisfaction, he thrust deeply, swirling his tongue around the soft pink nipples adorning the boy below him, and nipped at them in satisfaction as he felt them perk up in his mouth. He trailed kisses up Louis' chest and to his neck where he once again sucked a love bite, this time on his prominent collar bone.

He moaned loudly as he spilled deep into the boy and pulled out slowly, sitting back and spreading the cheeks apart where he watched the cum pool in the gaping hole. He saw the first dribble leak down Louis' butt cheek and quickly caught it with his thumb, rubbing it over the even more swollen rim, which had turned from a light pink to a deep red.

He stood up from the bed and sucked the remaining cum off his thumb as he walked over to their sex toy drawer. Grabbing the special box that had come in the mail a few days before, he opened it excitedly and pulled out a 7" plug that had a small ring on the bottom for pulling it out. He snickered and walked over to the bed, bending the still unconscious boys knees and spreading them once again. He slid four fingers into the still gaping hole and pulled them out now covered it cum.

Slicking up the giant plug, he became aware that he could fit a grown mans head in the small boys hole if this plug fit and moaned at the thought, surprised that he wasn't getting hard again. He pushed it at the hole and it slipped in surprisingly easy with little resistance; leaving a satisfied Harry to run his fingers around the rim of the hole that had been stretched open completely for hours until it started to get raw, and he felt blood on his finger tips. He smiled sinisterly and licked it off his fingers before grabbing the bottle of soothing oil Louis got in his care package off of the bedside table, and rubbing it liberally all over his rim.

The last thing he thought as he laid down next to the boy was that he surprisingly enjoyed the sight of blood coming from the small boys body, but quickly shook the thought away as he remembered what had happened just months before.

He couldn't see Louis' blood again, no matter how much he wanted to cut him open just to see the crimson liquid pool on the sheets he was laying beneath.


The screaming of the newborn filled the white room, and as the child got passed to their parent, bundled up in a light pink blanket, the doctor applied soothing cream to Niall's birthing area and smiled at the couple as they stared lovingly at the child that had just been born moments before.

The doctor hesitated to take their baby away from then, but did it anyways and quickly went to weigh the baby and and wash it off as well as clean it's nostrils. He returned with the small child in a little pink beanie and a fresh pink blanket, and as he set down the child in a sleepy Niall's arms, he handed Liam a clipboard that contained the information sheet for the birth certificate.

He wrote down their child's name, Theresa Annabelle Payne, and looked over to where Niall was cuddling their little bundle of joy. Peaking into the eyes of the little girl, his own watered as he saw eyes that matched Niall's with dark brown patched of hair sticking up all over her head.

He smiled as he watched Niall's thumb run over her soft cheek, amazed at how large his usually small thumb looked compared to her face. Looking back down to the paper, he heard Niall gasp quietly and his eyes shot back over to his small family where he saw that child adorned a toothless grin, staring up at her father with happy eyes.

She had Liam's nose and her eyes were shaped like his, as well as her lips. He could only hope that she had Niall's Irish accent as she grew, and realised then that this stage of her life wouldn't last very long. Taking her into his arms, he hummed quietly and rocked her back and forth slowly until her bright blue eyes fluttered shut and her gurgles turned into quiet breaths.


Harry and Louis made their appearance a few hours later with sleepy eyes and messy hair. Louis' shirt was showing an 8 month bump, and his face was showing a bright smile even though it was 1:00 in the morning and his aching back had kept him up all night. Harry's arm was wrapped loosely around his waist and his hand rested on the side of his stomach where one of their children were kicking.

Harry gave Liam a tired grin and plopped down in one of the chairs in the room, carefully pulling Louis down onto his lap. He nuzzled his face into the side of Louis' neck and inhaled deeply, breathing in the smaller boy's scent which was currently a bit minty with some vanilla. He looked up at the couple with admiration in his eyes, Niall sleeping on the hospital bed and Liam cradling the sleeping baby, and all he could think was that he would give anything to be in their position, and to have Louis be able to sleep without discomfort.

He glanced at Louis shortly but did a double take when he saw panic cross Louis' face, and felt liquid running down his legs moments later. Looking down to the hot fluid, he was glad to see it wasn't red, but his frown deepened when he realised there wasn't a wet spot on the front of Louis' jeans. Moments later he came to realisation and his eyes widened, huffing a quiet, "Fuck."

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