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"If you remove my quirk canceller you'll see I really am him"
Midoriya said.

"I'm not an idiot to do that."

Midoriya stared at him dumbstruck, "how am I supposed to prove I'm him then??"

"General information on how exactly the mystery suicide kills his victims isn't brought up due to privacy reasons.
However I know them because I've witnessed him kill someone before.

So how does he do it?"

"You've witnessed me kill someone??
I made sure no one was watching...
Good thing disguises exist huh.

And it's simple, he has 2 ways.
Either he shoots the victim's heart or he uses his quirk to make them off themselves."

Fine, I'll have you prove you're a villain 2 ways.

I'll have you kill someone.

The mystery suicide kills every night.
I'll keep you here tonight and tomorrow and we'll see if anyone does.
If no one dies then I'll know it's you"

"But so will the heroes idiot, why would the mystery suicide stop killing for 2 nights after I got kidnapped eh??"

"Does it matter?
What were you at UA for to begin with?

That is, if you are the mystery suicide"

That, and I can destroy relationships before they start with my quirk.
If they never work together in the future they won't be able to stop me." Midoriya sighed.

Fine then, something simple.

If you are the mystery suicide I'll have you demonstrate infront of me how you kill your targets.
However, you'll have no quirk.
And if you attack me you'll die.

This way, someone dies and the heroes can blame it on the mystery suicide.
And if someone else does with a shot heart, I'll know it's not you.

How that sound?"


It's only 4pm, you got time to wait.
Be a good hostage and shut up"
Shigaraki walked out and shut the door.


Midoriya decided to nap, he didn't have anything else to do.


"Did someone break into the school, were the news reporter a decoy...?" Midnight said, worried.

"I believe so...
Midoriya couldn't have ran away himself, he didn't even make it to the front door" present mic sighed.

"But who would kidnap him?
Who would come to the school?"

"Didn't Midoriya's parents die like the other day?
They pinned their deaths on the mystery suicide correct?

I think they are the one who kidnapped Midoriya" Nezu said.

"What would they want with Midoriya?"

"Think about it.
First they came to their household, likely looking for Midoriya.
When they didn't find Midoriya they killed his parents.
Then they came to the second place he could be.
UA..." Nezu replied.

"Yeah but why Midoriya of all students?"

"...what is the mystery suicide known for?"

"Making people's deaths seem like a suicide"

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