Chapter 5

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Danny shoved his foot on the brake. Everyone fell forward.

"Get in! what are you waiting for?" Danny yelled.

The 4 people ran into the bus, 2 boys and 2 girls.

"Drive Dan!" Megan yelled.

Danny put his foot down and we sped off.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Thank you so much for saving us, to repay you I can show you our base, we live in a military base. We have so many weapons, please come!" One of the boys thanked.

"Okay we'll tell you our names at the base just go and tell the driver the directions to the base his name is Danny." I demanded.

We got to the base after a few hours. It was gigantic.

"So is it just the 4 of you or is there more?" Leighanna asked.

"Yes, its just the 4 of us." He answered.

"My name is Ryan, this is Harry and the 2 girls are Sophie and Kaci!"

"Its nice to meet you all!" I politely spoke.

"Okay we need to get over the wall and into where you sleep we have a lot of supplies I'm guessing you have lots as well since you are camping in a military base." I said.

"We have lots." Harry agreed.

We got over the wall, we were safe now.

"Split up into groups, i'll go with Francesca and Ryan, Harry go with Leighanna and Danny, Sophie and Kaci go with Megan and Peck." I demanded.

We all went our separate ways to collect as much as we could.

"Whats that Ryan?" Francesca asked.

"Its a grenade, I think I will keep that safe." Ryan replied laughing.

"I've got every thing lets go!" I projected to the others.

A scream was heard in the distance.

"What was that?" I asked myself.

We ran to the other groups to see if they were okay, but there was a heard of zombies coming out of a door, we all started running away.

"Go on without me I'd rather give up trying to survive!" Kaci yelled from a few metres away from us.

"Kaci don't give up!" Sophie yelled back.

"Err!" She moaned as she turned into one of them.

"No," Harry screamed.

Harry tried to run over to her, but I stopped him.

"We need to keep running!" I told him.

"Get in the bus!" Danny shouted.

"Where now?" Ryan asked crying.

"If we head south, we could get a boat. I was thinking we could go to america they would have a lot of weapons. What do you think?" I asked.

Everyone seemed unsure, but they had no choice. It was unsafe here...

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