7. At the Edge

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Omkara walked across the guest room of Trivedi Sadan, sleep was miles away from him, and later walked out of the room. As he reached the railing, he could see the Murthi. He leaned to the pillar beside with his gaze fixed on it. Ghost of a smile spread on his face recalling the cafe conversation with Gauri.

What would be so special about that Murthi?

He never, in his wildest dreams, thought of such a turn in his life because of one of his sculptures.

"Getting some inspiration, Mr. Artist?" Bhavya leaned to the railing with her hands crossed.

Omkara turned to her, with a small smile. "Not getting sleep?"

Bhavya hummed. 'If Gauri was here instead of me', she thought. 'Maybe I can also do something"

"Gauri--" They both said together and blinked in surprise.

"If you don't mind--- can you show me the study?" Omkara asked hesitantly. He had heard Gauri cribbing about the childhood tortures she had to endure due to their study.


"Abhay and Gauri used to pester both me and Veer Bhai a lot, for avoiding them in the name of books. And finally Papa got a bed to study to pacify them. Even now, I don't know what the secret was for such a decision!" Bhavya chuckled, showing the small bed settled at the corner of the study.

Trivedi Sadan's study was huge; and it was rich with books. Omkara surfed through the racks, not in search of books, but taking in the satisfaction he felt.

He couldn't understand the sudden overwhelming feelings flooding him from the moment he stepped into the home.

He walked a bit and stopped in front of a rack which did seem different. It wasn't difficult for him to understand the existence of some secrets behind it.

Turning around, he found Bhavya rubbing her temples sheepishly.

"That's a room with restricted entry for Gauri." Bhavya said, grinning.


"Bhavya was a child only till 6. After Jhanvi Maa passed away, she caged herself, rather her childishness and emotions. Kaali uncle was in a miserable condition during those days. That's a long story actually." Gauri sighed, gazing at Kaali who had dozed off. "When we were together, it was a different world. But all her lost chirpiness had come back during her college days."

Rudra listened to Gauri's words with heart in his eyes. Maybe he could get some tips in between!

"As usual, she was a bookworm then also but--- She was ready to open up to someone else too." Gauri sighed while Rudra stilled.

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