Tirea's P.O.V

My eyes are blurry as I blink uncontrolly . Soon my vision restores and I see a concerned Luke .

Me: What happened ? I feel weak and sick maybe even heartbroken ? Is that even a diesease ? Probably mentally sick .

Luke: Ummm you honestly dont remember what happened ?

I closed my eyes and all I remember is lights , screaming , and then everything went black .

Me: Well not really.

Luke: Well we saw niall Horan coming out of the 7 eleven and he freak out that you was with me I guess ? well yall two had a argument he hit you then me and him got into a fight and the police was called .

Me: Oh where's Niall ?

This dude literally just abused me and im worried about where he is *face palm *

Luke: In the police station . For domestic and verbal abuse .

Me: We have to get him I need to talk to him

I try moving from the bed but i feel so weak and my head hurts .

Luke: No rest you need your rest your head was internally bleeding and your eye is ugh just look for yourself .

Luke pulls out his iphone 6 camera and show me my face

Me: Oh My I look terrible

I rub my face with bruises everywhere , a black eye , and a bandage around my head with blood stains . Honestly I look like Rhianna when Chris brown hit her .

Luke:Its funny how your making jokes about yourself .

Me:I said that aloud ?

Luke: Yes you did .

Me:Luke why are you here arent you suppose to be rehearsing or something ?

Luke: The boys are but I just couldnt leave you like this , Your friend out of town and no one would be here to watch you and I was scared .

Me:Scared of what ?

Luke: Losing you . Two days ago when we first arrived at the hospital you were going in and out of conscinouis . The doctors said you might not make it . *Tear falls* I stayed I wanted to spend every moment with you.

Me: Aww Luke but honestly you look like absolute shit .

Luke : Well Dang Your Welcome .

Me: When can I leave im hungry and I feel trapped in here !?

Luke: Im going to ask your doctor .

Luke walks back in well actually you can leave right now .

Me: I CAN !!!

Luke: Well I had to bride him . But yeah I think your fine since your yelling .

Me: Duh Luke .

Luke: Heres some clothes I bought you .

Me: Ugh Give Me them . Dang you honestly know how to shop .

Luke: Duh Im Sexy Right ?

Me: Sure I say with a smirk on my face , Now leave so I can put this on .

I wipe my hideous face put my hair into a puff ball pony tail . Then put on the bleached riped denim jogger jeans Luke bought me , my firey red jordan 5 , and a sleeveless chicago bull jersey . Luke bust through the door soon as im finish .

Me: Right on time two seconds earlier you wouldve saw my cha chas .

Luke : I'll love to see that *wink*

Me: So nasty . Where's my phone ?

Luke : In my car lets go .

Me: Ohkay.

We walk out of the hospital to the car and get in . My phone is dead so I put it on Luke car charger . Sooooo Where are we going now ?

Luke: Something to eat im starving .

Me: Same lets go to buffalo wild wings .

Luke: If you say so .

My phone finally cuts on and I get hella twitter notifications about me and niall little incident and messages from 1D boys , Niall , my family, and my bestfriends , alot of missed calls and facetime . Now everyone cares Wow . I decide to text everyone back later right now I just want to be happy with Luke.

Luke: They always cared.

Me:Not really .

Luke: Trust me they did and still does .

Me: Were Here

Luke: Yup

He gets out and opens my door . Even though he still looks like complete shit and I look halfway decent he decides to go out in public with me . Thats so nice . Maybe we both be all over twitter tonight not that it matters .

We order about 50 wings and all of them are done in about 20 minutes .

Luke: Wow your amazing .

Me: Never seen a girl eat before ?

Luke: All the girls I met while on tour barely eat one wing .

Me: Remember I dont live in hollywood and Im not perfect .

Luke: Your perfect to me .

Me: What ?

Luke: Nothing * smirks *

Me: Nice you know what I want to go do .

Luke : What ?

Me: *grins* Get revenged on Niall

Luke: By doing what ?

Me: You'll see .

Luke: I thought you were good , nice, gentle, and kind.

Me: Remember Luke GOOD GIRLS ARE BAD GIRLS WHO HADNT CAUGHT ! I say leaving the table

Luke : *smirks* How can i forget ? Following me .

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