All might

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"Fine then, I guess I'll have to force you to listen" Midoriya hissed as he started to pull off his bracelet.

"You can't force me to do anyt-" Bakugo was cut off when Midoriya put him under manipulation.
This one was better to use compared to brainwashing because when someone is Brainwashed they can only follow command by command, Midoriya needs him to just listen by forceful will.

"Now Kacchan.
You're going to guard the weapon while I fight Todoroki and Iida." Midoriya said.

Bakugo nodded his head and got to guarding.

All might suddenly started to cry, it confused the class immensely.
They couldn't hear Midoriya's voice, only all might could.

"All might are you okay??" Kaminari shouted.

"It's Midoriya's quirk, he's the only one that can hear him.
I guess sadness is considered. Negative emotion" Kirishima said.

"It's a good thing we can't hear him then huh?"

"Negative energy is coming from that watch room all might is in.
I guess since he can hear my voice he's affected by it.
Nice." Midoriya absorbed and walked down the stairs, stealthily.

"I'm going to freeze the building, they won't be able to move" Todoroki said aloud.
Midoriya heard him, the walls echoed pretty loudly.
He quickly used telekinesis on himself and Bakugo and floated up.

He did it just in time as well, ice quickly covered the area.

"How is Midoriya floating??
And how is Bakugo of all people listening to him??

What exactly is his power!?" Kaminari exclaimed.

"This boy is the same boy I met on the street that day.
Why did I feel such a strong disgust when I heard his voice and feel sad just now when I heard him?
Does it have something to do with his quirk?" All might thought to himself as he watched the round unfold.

"I'll go up to the weapon" Todoroki said.

"I'll guard you and keep you safe incase they managed to break out of the ice" iida cheered.

Todoroki nodded his head.

Midoriya took a deep breath in, it was time to make them argue.

Using the negative energy he stored, he released some in the area where Todoroki and Iida were standing.
He could manipulate his negative energy only to make people argue or shoot it like lasers as mentioned previously.

Iida suddenly felt a rage grow upon him as did Todoroki.

"Stupid ice freak, I can't run in this!" Iida hissed.

"Sounds like a you problem four eyes" Todoroki spat.



The 2 then got into a brawl.

"Why are they fighting??"
"Is this Midoriya's quirk too??"
"I knew his voice could make people fight but really this??"

"He didn't even talk!?"

"He's not letting them work together...
And at the same time he's getting stronger off their fighting"

Midoriya floated to the hallway iida and Todoroki were standing in.

"Oh look at this, the 2 heroes fighting?
How ever will you beat me?" Midoriya chuckled, his fangs baring.

His voice only made the 2 fight some more, and since it was meant to anger them the effects only increased.

All might was doing his best to fight back Midoriya's quirk, however it was quite hard.

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