Chapter 4

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(Alfie's POV)

As morning rose, light shined though the curtains. I opened my eyes. Everyone was still asleep. I was dreaming that this stupid apocalyptic nightmare was all a dream, but when I saw my parents weren't there, I knew I was alone. "Guys? Guys come on wake up! We need to get out of here, there are thousands of them outside." I worryingly said whilst looking out of the curtain.

"Go and get Andre and see if the girl is okay!" Peck demanded me.

I went upstairs and tried to open the door, but it was jammed shut, "Err! Err!" They moaned.

"Guys!" I shouted.

"Grab my sword! There are zombies up here!" I demanded.

The door was starting to open, but I held it shut. "Hurry!" I screamed.

Francesca came running up with my sword, I opened the door and she stabbed them both it the eye.

"Are... Are they... Dead?" Francesca said beginning to cry.

I put my arms around her to comfort her. "Everything's going to be alright." I said.

"He was my brother! How is it going to be alright?" Francesca stormed off and threw the sword next to my feet.

I went downstairs and Francesca had toughened up, "Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah! Like you said everything is going to be okay!" She replied.

"Look guys I know something terrible just happened but we have to get out of here! Take these bags and fill it with weapons and food. Francesca, fill this one with medical supplies and toiletries. We have no time to waste. Come on!" Megan said whilst taking control of 'Plan Escape'.

We filled the bags and zipped them up. I took a small backpack because I had to protect everyone with the sword. Me at the front and Francesca at the back with her brothers gun. We ran outside and I started killing and so did Francesca.

After walking down the road killing as we go, Danny spotted something.

"Look a bus, the keys are in it. Get in!" Danny shouted.

We all ran for the bus and Danny started it up, everyone was on and we drove and drove and drove until we saw another group of hopeless people. There were 4 of them, exactly the amount of seats left on the bus. "Get on!" Leighanna screamed. I hope that they're nice.

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