20// Tori

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Deacon and Daisy left a week ago and I know it's hard on Derek. He's been throwing himself into finding who is behind all of this, barely sleeping, barely noticing the world around him, and I can't blame him, he wants his family home and the threat gone.

As for me, I'm still staying at Derek's. we sleep in the same bed every night, his arms always wrapped around me, keeping the nightmares away.

My plan to be the bait and draw this person out went to shit. I mean they are always one step ahead every time, he knew to go after Deacon, he knew I was getting close to him when it was never really on display, we didn't hang out in the town, I spent days hanging with him and Daisy, along with Derek it was always innocent but yet somehow, he knew that one of them was a threat to him.

He just targeted the wrong brother.

I hate this for Derek and Jack too, they have been running themselves into the ground trying to find a pattern, a link, anything that could be a lead.

This evening though their chief told them to go home and rest, I think even their boss can see the toll this case is taking on them personally.

This last week for us has been so weird, I mean we act like a couple but we're not a couple at least I don't think we are, and how could we be?

If we come out this unharmed, how do we move forward? I don't live in River-Cove, I live in California. And truthfully after the horror show, we're currently living in, I'm not sure I want to live here.

This is sad because as a kid, River-Cove was a safe haven for me, it was the only place that my heartfelt truly home.

And now I don't know what this place feels like, which is worst in my opinion.

I think for now Derek and me, are just living in the moment, we're taking one day at a time because we don't know if there will be a tomorrow for us.

This psycho has already tried to blow Deacon up without any hesitation. I fear what he has planned for me and for Derek.

Snapping out of my thoughts just as I hear the doorbell ring.... finally, food.

I ordered dinner for us from Ray's beach pit, which is probably going to piss Derek off because he hates it when I do reckless things involving people and my lack of regard for my own safety, as he likes to remind me all the time.

Which I don't understand, we both know Ray and Tess. We know the people who work for them, so I think it's safe to say that we can get food delivered from them without being attacked.

Opening the door just as my eyes lock on Levi, Tess, and Ray's nephew who works for them. Giving him a small smile as he sees me.

"Hey Levi, how are you?" I ask him politely; he looks at me smiles.

"Doing good Tori, here is your food. Ray and aunty-T told me to say Hi for them, and they invited you for breakfast tomorrow" Levi answers.

" Thank them for me, but Derek and I actually have plans".

Levi looks at me for a moment, something passing in his eyes but I'm unsure of what it is before it's quickly replaced with what looks like humor.

"No worries, I'll let them know. Enjoy the food" He hands me the bag of food with a quick smile and then he's heading back down the beach-house steps.

Shaking away the uneasy feeling and closed the door and turned around.

"Babe who was at the door?" Looking up to see Derek standing halfway in front of me, bare chest on display, only in pair of joggers bottoms, his hair still wet from his shower and my brain goes to mush.

I swear he is a Greek god and he doesn't even know it, how can any woman think when a Greek-Good is half-naked in front of them.

I'm screwed, I'm falling for him and there's literally no stopping it.... what the hell I am going to do.

"You're doing that staring thing again, looking at me like I'm a cheeseburger" He laughed,

Shaking out of my daze and held up the bag of food like a fool.

"Speaking off food, I actually got us burgers". His eyes narrowed and he frowned for a moment, before meeting my eyes again.

"Can you not sense danger woman" He growled at me tiredly,

"You had no idea who that could have been, we don't know who is taking these missing girls and who wants you.... damn it, Tori... I'm trying to keep you-;" He sighed, just as his tired eyes flicker away from me, and I feel guilty. 

Shaking my head and placed the bag down on the coffee-table, before making my way over to him, wrapping my arms around his waist.

"I know the danger, I know what is going on. I ordered them from Ray, Levi dropped them off, Derek it's okay...I know you are doing everything you can to keep me safe and to find what happened to those girls-;" I cut off for a moment and moved closer to him, this time moving my arms around the back of his neck, and his arms instantly go around my waist.

"But we can't live in fear, babe I can't let myself be afraid all the time...I can't stop living because someone out there has taken it upon themselves to think that I belong with them, and you shouldn't either" I added and placed a soft kiss just above his heart, that is pure gold and so full of kindness and care.

Derek takes a deep breath and then moves his hand to my cheek and looks me dead in the eye.

"It's been a long time since, someone other than Deacon and my daughter have meant something bigger to me, and it scares me.... because I'm just getting to know you, yet my heart is already yours...I think it has been since you punch me in the face that first day".

Burying my face in his chest and let out a giggle at his mention of our first meeting. The truth is after Jeremy I vowed to never fall for another man again, and I never planned for Derek or what he means to me.

I haven't been in River-Cove long, my engagement has just ended but none of that matters when I look at him and when he looks at me like I'm one in a million to him.

Pulling my head back and looked up at him, before saying.

"I never expected to meet you, and I never expected to feel the way that I do for you, so quickly and so strongly, but I do Derek and that scares me too but I'm so glad that it happened the way that it has".

Instead of saying anything, he roughly pulls my lips to his and no words are said. This kiss is different then our others, it's full of heat, longing, wanting and I bloody love it.

Deepening the kiss for a split moment and then pulled back with a smirk.

"The food is getting cold".

"It will be fine, what was that you were saying about living in the moment" He smirked and kissed me again, while lifting me off the floor, wrapping my legs around him, the laugher flowing out of me uncontrollably.

As he walks us back to his bedroom, never breaking the kiss between us.

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