He took them to a table at the far corner that lent some privacy. It seemed they needed it, for Ross was being ogled by every woman present. Savannah wished she could draw some comfort from the fact that she was dining with Ross, but how could she? He was not her lover or her date!

'I have the perfect wine for you tonight, Mr. Templeton,' the owner bragged.

'We'll certainly give it a try Nico,' Ross responded warmly. He left them to peruse the menu.

'Have I thwarted your plans for tonight,' Ross fished. He hoped he had, he did not want Morey anywhere near Savannah.  Ross clearly remembered all too well, seeing Savannah putting her arms invitingly around Morey the Sunday evening after Tatum's birthday bash.

'Why haven't you selected somebody from your black book to dine with you tonight?' She interrogated, preferring not to divulge that she'd much rather be having a cosy dinner with him than a movie with Robert.

"'Black book" Savannah?' He laughed. You've been working for me for close on two years, have you seen such a black book?'

No she hadn't. Luckily Savannah did not have to answer Ross, a waiter appeared to take their orders. After the waiter departed, Savannah pondered on her Casanova boss. He had had a bevy of women in the eighteen months since she'd been his secretary. So it's not like he was not able to click his fingers to have a striking beauty at his side. Little did Savannah know, tonight, Ross did have a most striking beauty at his side.

Savannah thoroughly enjoyed her dinner. She always did in Ross's company. He was an extremely knowledgeable gentleman, with lively conversation and good table manners.  He seemed to have a sense of humour too.  She was laughing, when she had silently told herself in the limo she was not going to talk to him.

Ross seemed to be in no hurry to leave.  Even after coffee, he was urging her to join him in a night cap. The restaurant was clearing out now, only a few patrons remained. He was waiting for her to respond. Savannah's eyes lifted to his. She should not have done that. She inhaled heavily. Now she really wanted him to kiss her.

'Yes?' he grinned lazily.

'Yes,' she murmured with a smile, then mentally smacked herself. She thought she was saying yes to being kissed, instead of to the nightcap. Savannah drew her eyes away before she embarrassed herself.

Ross signalled to the waiter. He was silently battling the demons that were urging him to throw caution to the wind and take Savannah back to his place. He was very near crumbling. He wanted her. He desperately wanted her in his arms so he could have his fill of her.

Savannah watched Ross from the corner of her eye. He was so good looking. He looked so ___ good in a suit. And he had gorgeous slender fingers, made for caressing. If only...

Ross was suddenly preoccupied. He'd tossed down his nigh cap in one swallow. The drink was pretty potent from the sip she'd taken, but the expression on his face did not change as he emptied his glass in one swallow.

'You ready to leave?' he asked abruptly.

'Yes,' she nodded, putting her unfinished drink back on the table. She collected her bag, whilst Ross settled the bill. 'Thank you,' she murmured. He merely nodded, not looking at her.

Ross seemed subdued on the way home. As they'd exited the restaurant, Savannah had offered to take a cab home and was met with a deathly glare. In the limo, Ross seemed to be in a world of his own. Savannah sensed he did not want conversation. Neither did she for that matter. Not that she could even think of a single topic of conversation. Her only dialogue with him revolved around work. So now what? She was looking forward to a bubble bath. She mentally planned her wardrobe for the next morning. Thank heavens finally they were at her door.

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