Chapter 9

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'Is that better?' Ross turned up the heart in the limo. He smiled charmingly at his secretary.

'Thank you,' she nodded. She was thawing out nicely. Her teeth had stopped chattering. 'Where are we going?'

Neither she nor he had made a reservation, unless he had been arrogant enough to do it before he'd even picked her up? And would she be appropriately dressed to walk into a restaurant with him? He only ever went to the classiest and most expensive restaurants.

'I sometimes visit Benito's, around the corner here, just of fifth,' he smiled. 'It's cosy and not too busy.'

Savannah knew it.  She and her buddies often ate out there. It was affordable. You could enter in jeans and sneakers. So no classy joint for her. She was just the secretary. Not like Ross and she were on a date or something.

'Would that be okay with you?' Ross enquired pleasantly.

'You forced me into the limo,' she narrowed her eyes at him. 'You would force me into the restaurant as well, so it's not like I have a choice.'

Ross laughed. 'Savannah, tonight is not the night to unsheathe your claws.'

She glared at him for a millisecond and as always, because he was the boss, she bit the bullet and made a point of turning away from him and looking out the limo.

Ross stole the opportunity to take in her beauty. She was beautiful, no doubt about it. Infact he would go so far as to say, Savannah was the most beautiful lady he'd ever laid eyes on, and he'd known a great many beautiful women. How he'd wished he'd not offered her the job in his employ, by now he would have taken her to bed and had his fill of her. But his instincts had told him she was the one to be his p.a. and he always obeyed his instincts before his flesh. That was why he was still alive today. On that very first day he'd interviewed Savannah, he'd looked straight into the depths of her mesmerizing hazel eyes and he'd known he would be able to trust her with his life. There were not many people Ross would entrust his life with, but his secretary was one of the few.

She was angry with him now, he could tell.  Her hands were clenched in a fist on her lap. The white of her knuckles in stark contrast to the burgundy tweed skirt.  Her legs were crossed at the ankles as she kept as far away from him as possible.

Savannah was startled when her mobile buzzed in her handbag.  She hauled it out suspecting it was Robert. His name on the screen confirmed it.

'Hey,' she smiled uncomfortably.

'There's this movie showing, where this leading guy is apparently almost as gorgeous as I am ___.'

Savannah laughed. Then remembering her boss was listening, she schooled her expression.

'Interested?' Robert invited. She could tell he was smiling.

'Umm___ can I take a rain check?'

'That boss of yours over working you again?'

'I'm free tomorrow,' Savannah turned away as much as the seat allowed and smiled into the phone.

Robert kept her on the phone a few more minutes, before Savannah could say goodbye. When she dared to look up at Ross, she found the door opened. She had not even registered that the limo was stationary.

'Ready?' He smiled briefly. The smile she'd had on for Robert disappeared. She nodded. Ross exited and held out his hand to assist her. He was right, the restaurant was not too busy tonight, just enough patrons to create a comfortable ambience. Ross was personally greeted by the owner. Strange, they'd eaten there so many times, Savannah and her friends had never been personally welcomed by the owner.

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