The Car pt. 2

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You finished the contract and left the job for what felt like the hundredth time. You quit every day or were fired everyday. Either way you always went home "without" a job.

You opened your front door after retrieving your Sunday paper and entered your home. Locking the door behind you.

You saw random coupons buried in the newspaper and then you saw the letter. The same lettering and the same seal.

Like before, you opened it,

'A curse?
Or fate?
One day we'll settle down.
But for now, I'll just play around.'

You once again look for the sender but nothing, no one. You place the letter down and jump when your phone rings.

You hurriedly answered, "Hello?"

"You were beautiful today."

"Who is this?" You ask breathless

"That doesn't matter. But I know you—we—I've already spoken to much."

"My father is an officer—"

"I know." The man says and your eyes widen, you realize you know this mans voice

You blood runs cold,

"You're the man that killed those—"

"Shhh. Don't speak, listen. Let's keep this between us okay? I wasn't supposed to contact you but who couldn't? After so long—I miss you—"

"Please—" you beg, "Please just leave me the fuck alone."

The phone call ends and you cry into the now blank phone. You sniffle and fall to your knees.

You hadn't thought that that night was bothering you this much. Not to the point where you're sobbing on your kitchen tile.

You worry yourself to the point that you're not sure what to do.

You know you should tell your father or even one of your friends. But this isn't a Fanfiction or a movie. These things don't happen to real people....

Do they?

You phone rings again and you jump once again, worriedly you pick up your phone until you realize you recognize the ringtone.

"Felix?" You say slowly

"The deal has been made! It's official! They bought it and I got got the bonus! Oh I just know Jaehyun is going to be so pissed signing my check—"


"And! The guys want to take us out to dinner to celebrate their purchase. We should go! Shouldn't we? I think we should—"


"And hardass told me to apologize for him. But I mean, we all know you aren't fired—"

"Felix!" You yell with the tears caught in your throat

"A—Ara are you crying?"

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