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Bakugou POV:

I was chilling on the common room couch when Mr.Aizawa walked in

"Bakugou" he said I gave a confused look

"Yes am I in trouble or something?" I ask he shakes his head, now I'm even more confused

"I need you to watch eri today everyone else is busy" he says

"Me?" I ask, what made him think I would be a good choice

"Yes you, and if you hurt her physically or mentally there will be huge consequences" he says with a scary glare

"Why would I wanna hurt her anyway..." I half mumbled

"Eri come out!" Aizawa yells and eri  makes her way over

"Hi!" She says happily

"Hey" I say not knowing what to do

"Be good both of you I'll pick her up later" Aizawa says we both nod and he leaves

"Let's go back to my dorm" I say she smiles and grabs my hand, I tense but relax and lead her to my room

"So what do you wanna do?" I ask

"Play with toys!!!" She says excited

"Hmm.. ok but you can't tell anyone in the class" I say she nods quickly, I pull out my toy bin from under the bed and set it on the carpet

"Tell anyone I have toys and you're dead to me" I say she nods excited curious about what's in the box, I open it up kinda happy I get to play with them again

No one POV:

They played barbies, house, chef's, tag, hide and seek pretty much everything. Then there was a knock on the door while they were playing hero's but they were to invested in the game to hear the door open

"You'll never defeat me!" Eri giggled and got out her fake sword

"Don't be so sure!" Bakugou said and "stabbed" her with the fake sword

"Oh no" eri said and dramatically "died", Aizawa watched this all in amazement and adoration

"All right you two playtime is over" he finally said both of them jumped

"Awww" eri whined and bakugous face went beat red, he immediately dropped the fake sword and tried to kick the toys that were on the floor under his bed but aizawa had already seen them

"You guys can have a playdate again another time but right now I think it's past both of your bedtimes" Aizawa said

"Both- but Mr.Aizawa it's only 8:30!" bakugou said crossing his arms

"Yes and you both should be in bed by 8 so bed now. I'll see you for class  tomorrow" Aizawa said bakugou whined but nodded

"Bye bye baku!" Eri said waving goodbye before they left

Next morning

Bakugou got to class a little late because he over slept

"Bakugou you're late this is why you shouldn't sleep passed your bedtime" aizawa said bakugou blushed

"Bakugou has a bedtime?" Kaminari asked laughing a little

"No I don't I'm old enough to take care of myself!" Bakugou argued

"Well bakugou I looked at you're file and it says here you're 14 and everyone else is 16 so you're a child compared to them" Aizawa said bakugou scuffed and mumbled some things

"Wow bakubro you're 14!?" Kirishima said shocked

"Yeah so what!" Bakugou yelled annoyed they found out about his age, the class was in shock

"Okay settle down, bakugou take your seat" aizawa said bakugou grumbled and sat down

The whole class period the class and Mr.Aizawa babied bakugou a little. Bakugou was starting to notice it and he got annoyed he hated it

"Mr.Aizawa?" Bakugou asked

"Yes bakugou?" Aizawa asked with a smile which shocked bakugou a little bit

"Can I go to the bathroom?" Bakugou asked

"Sure, Midoryia please go with him" Aizawa said bakugou was shocked and angry

"Sure sensei" Deku said happily

"I can go alone!" Bakugou spat angrily

"Don't have attitude with me little one." Aizawa said, bakugou rolled his eyes

After class and bakugou was packing up, as he was about to leave Aizawa stopped him

"Dont think your getting away with the attitude you had today" he said, bakugou groaned and turned around

"Time out now for 15 minutes" Aizawa said bakugous eyes went wide

"You cant be serious!?" He yelled back

"Corner. Now." Aizawa said and led him to a corner and faced him towards the wall and sat down at his desk

15 minutes later, Aizawa walked over and picked bakugou up

"Hey!" Bakugou squirmed but he wasn't nearly as strong as aizawa

"No more tantrums" aizawa said a walked him back to the dorm rooms

"Bye, you behave" aizawa said and kissed bakugous forhead leaving him confused

Happy pride month!!!!!

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