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I see stars bloom around me and it's only Alana's strong grip on my legs that keep me tethered to reality. I was on the brink of an amazing orgasm — I, mean I always had amazing orgasms with Alana but this was something else. Every muscle in my body tightened and strained against me trying to hold on for a little longer. The buildup of pleasure right before the release was the best part about an orgasm and I wanted it to build as much as humanly possible.

"Angel..." I beg over and over again. I couldn't say much else because she was truly amazing with her tongue. She sucked and licked on my clit like it was the best flavored sucker that she had ever tasted. I had tried to squirm from her grip but I was stuck here by her wrapping her arms under my legs and pushing me into the little bundle of blankets on the ground. "Please..."

"Yes, Daddy?" Alana asked innocently. I blinked my eyes open as she continued to rub my clit and came up for air. I barely saw her with her face dripping with my wetness and her spit. Her eyelids batting like she had no idea the kind of control that she had over me. Fuck, she was divinity.

"I need to cum." I don't know how the sentence even made it out of my mouth. She quickened her speed and I practically lost consciousness.

"Cum for me." She says and my body begins to shake as an orgasm rolls through me. Every nerve in my body feels like it's shaking.

I am a moaning mess and my clit is throbbing so hard from sensitivity but Alana isn't done yet. Her fingers come in and out of me; curling inside and biting the perfect spot over and over. The feeling of needing to pee rushes over and I try to pull Alana's hand away.

"I ha-" my eyes roll into the back of my head as a different sensation pulls at my belly button. "Gotta piss."

"That's not piss." Alana answers back and I know she's right. "Push it out, baby."

The thought of pushing feels so good, the pressure releasing is all I can think of, and so I do so. It's almost instantaneous — another orgasm hits and then a flush of liquid explodes out of me. It felt so fucking amazing. My muscles relaxed and turned to jello. Alana is laughing and cooing at me and I am half way to heaven.

"Fuck, you did so good, Daddy." She kisses my face. "You squirted like the good girl you are. I'm so proud of you."

I can't even respond as I catch my breath. I just laugh and smile in disbelief at the thought of her making me squirt. She's kissing my thighs and hips and the numb tingling eases away.

Alana doesn't let me relax because she's pushing my legs open and upwards before the previous two orgasms have even fully left my system. "Angel, fuck, baby, please."

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