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AND WE WERE off the guards pulled open the gates as we made our way through as I went last

We were going to one of their restaurants near by and on my way home I did some scoping to see if there were any shortcuts I could take and sure enough there were many

As we're we making our way to an intersection we all went straight and I soon as their the gas

I shifted to reverse hitting the brakes ever so slightly sending the car drifting down the other lane as I manoeuvre through the cars all while still being in reverse

This seems to shock them almost sending the crashing while I simply smirk turning the wheel and putting the car back in drive and speeding down the opposite street
As we're nearing the entrance I see all of them speeding up except dad he watches as the all burn the gas to quickly the turns to me slightly his eyes still in the road

I pretend to speed up as we're just about 0.2 of a mile left thinking that I did dad speeds up while I watch in shock wandering how the fuck it worked in a 42 year old experienced street racer

My brothers were pretty much almost there with dad somehow in front of them but I had a little trick up my sleeve

Switching from 3rd to 4th gear I immediately step on the gas sending me straight past them as I switch back into drive slowing down a bit pulling straight into MY parking spot

Cheers erupted that's when I realized that people lined the streets

Dad pulled in soon after seeing as he slowed down in surprise only now pulling into the parking lot in second place where as all my brothers had stopped completely

“LETS GO GET OVER IT IM HUNGRY!"I shouted at them my stomach making noise while I speak

They started pulling into the parking lot one by one while I stood there impatiently dad watching me trying hold in laughter

“What's so funny grave"

And with that he couldn't hold it any longer as he burst into laughter apparently calling him a grave or close to death is funny to him saying that I'm more likely to die than him

Which is true considering well the assassin bit as well as others but community were all in the same line of work

The crowd died down and we made our way inside all eyes immediately back on us

The workers started going even faster

I mean who wants to be fired

There were a line of people waiting to be seated as we made our way to the front of the line

“Get my family seated" dad said the other people on the line looked pissed but we're to afraid to do anything

We made our way to the corner
As we were making our way to the door while dad was talking with someone a girl came up to us

“Can I have your number"she said to know one in particular

“No" all my brothers instantly say

“Sorry.. about that I wasn't asking you... I was asking her"she said shyly

All my brothers stood in shock


I completely forgot I had to update so please don't kill me

Hope you enjoyed!

Hope you enjoyed!

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