Men Are From Mars (6)

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 My eyes bulged and I grabbed Ava’s arm for support. Why was he calling? We had just talked to him.

My best friend put a finger up to her lips indicating for me to be quiet as she guided me over to old tweed recliner. My head rushed as I sat down. Was I nervous?

“Oww, oww-” Collin hooted as he plopped down on the green floral couch that reminded me of the 70’s. Ava slapped her hand across his mouth to quiet him as she sat down too.

“Um, is this a bad time?” Liam’s voice rang out of the phone that had been set down on the coffee table in between all of us.

Ava’s face turned to a look of disgust and she pulled her hand away from Collin’s mouth. Wiping the saliva off onto her jeans, “No, not at all. My dog is just being stupid and slobbering everywhere.” She said glaring at Collin.

Suppressing a giggle by hugging my chest to my knees, I stared down at the orange carpet. It was long and shaggy, and I wiggled my toes deeper into the fuzzy. There were a few popcorn kernels trapped in the length as well, probably from our last sleepover.

“Alright well, I was just calling because I think you left your camera bag at the shop. It’s purple.” Liam answered.

My mouth turned dry, and I suddenly realized that I had been hoping he was calling for a different reason.

“Oh.” Ava said blinking, clearly surprised as well. “Yeah that’s mine. I’ll come down and pick it up in a little bit.”

“Okay…” He said trailing off, sounding slightly unsure of himself.

Ava lifted an eyebrow. “Was there something else?”

He was silent for s moment. “No it’s just-” Liam started, his voice getting quieter, “I was wondering about Bailey.”

I inhaled a quick breath. He was asking about me! Collin started to make kissy faces in my direction and I blushed.

Ava’s face was instantly covered in a smile. “What about her?”

“Is she, you know…” He mumbled.

“Available?” Ava finished.

“Go get ‘em tiger!” Collin shouted. Ava kicked him in the shins and he buckled over in pain.

“Someone else there?” Liam questioned.

“Ah no. It’s just my dad. He’s watching golf. Gets really excited sometimes.” Ava said picking up the phone and turning it off speaker.

I frowned when I couldn’t hear Liam answer. “Good going loser.” I hissed at Collin, “Now I can’t hear the rest of the convo.”

“Painful.” He moaned loudly from on the floor. Ava narrowed her eyes at him and walked away, so he wouldn’t interrupt the conversation anymore.

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