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Midoriya sighed as he looked around.
He had gotten all his clothes wet, and yes he did sigh under water.

He was keeping output levels of negative energy low since there wasn't a lot of negativity to collect in an ocean.

"My stuff should all be afloat with my telekinesis.
I'll only breath when I need to but for now I'll hold my breath until the police are gone." Midoriya thought to himself as he went deeper into the ocean, he didn't go too far down.
He didn't want to die from water pressure.


"Stabbed to death and then he made it look like a suicide...
There's no denial, that's the mysterious suicide...

I can't believe we saw them..." An officer said as they loaded inko and hisashi's bodies away.

"Their eyes were so...
White, cat like, and his iris had a black outline...
It's like they aren't human" another officer said.

They didn't know Midoriya's gender.

"These reports are telling us he flew off and dove into the ocean, you think he has some kind of teleporting power...?
The police over there say he still hasn't emerged from the water and it isn't even humanely possible to stay down there for over 10 minutes"

"But he clearly flew.
There's no way he could've escaped.
His quirk is flight"

"Did you see any other characteristics on him?
The more we can describe him the easier it'll be to figure out who he is."

"I only got a glance at his eyes before he flew off..."



Midoriya peeked at the shore, it had been 30 minutes.
The police were completely gone.

Midoriya took a deep breath in, this was much nicer than breathing underwater.
Midoriya floated over towards shore, soaking wet.
He didn't know how he'd dry and his eyes were already purple.
He needed to refuel.

"White is my full capacity now.
That makes black the new purple which means my current state is pretty low.
I need to quickly dry and find some place to stay." Midoriya thought to himself.

He used telekinesis and pulled off all the water that was on him, drying him.
He threw the water back into the ocean and began to run, floating his bag back over towards him.

He secured his hoodie and mask and made his way into the busy streets of the city.

"The police saw my eye color which isn't really an issue, anyone can have eyes like mine.
I'm not rare.
And from what I'm seeing on my phone they think I killed my parents, that's not possible.

Now the real question is are they going to contact me or are they going to forget about my existence while they search for my villain persona?

Only time will tell.

I can't legally live alone and I don't even know how to pay bills, I'll likely be sent to a shelter and I don't want that so I won't even try returning home.
But where do I go...?" Midoriya's phone suddenly began to ring.

It was...

Bakugo's mom.

As a kid, mitsuki would still invite izuku and Inko over a lot.
Despite Katsuki and izuku not getting along she still made an effort to keep their bridges alive.

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