I see him fidget in his spot. Maybe this wasn't the best idea. But I HAD to tell him...Snap out of it. Stop being such a damn softie. You ARE Kellin fucking Quinn. He's just standing there. Mouth open. He looks suprised. How does Gabe, Justin and Jake know....But Vic is oblivious to it? This isn't good. Why is he still silent? Fuck. Chill man. It's Vic. He has to talk eventually. He finally snaps back into reality; closes his mouth; and tries to think of what to say. Damn. Here comes the friend zone. Before I register what's happening, he steps forward; grabs me; and kisses me.

I tense for a second, unsure of what just happend. After realization hits; I hug him closer to me and kiss him back. Forgetting the band is a few yards away. When we finally pull apart, Vic stares into my eyes and says "I love you too. But what about Katelynne?" way ahead of him. "We uhh...we just filed for divorce. We both have mutual custody of CoCo, and all is well. What I'm Thinking, is what about the fact that everyone just saw that, and are still staring?" I smirk as I point to the little crowd that formed a couple yards away. I see his tanned skin go red, as he looks and waves to everyone meekly. Awe look at him.

What we weren't expecting was the fact that everyone either waved back, gave us thumbs up, or started clapping. Honestly it's like they're all 10 sometimes. Vic looks back at me. "Well apparently that's taken care of too." he lets out a shaky breathe with a bit of a laugh behind it. Damn he is so cute sometimes. Look at that! He just kissed me! Everyone stares running over and Mike is the first one here. Mike high fives Vic, while the rest catch up with him and try to pick Vic and I up. Gotta love bands.

"OKAY! THAT'S IT! WE NEED SOME FUCKING CHAMPAGNE OVER HERE!" Jaime screams and runs to the PTV bus. Gabe, Justin, Jack, and Tony put us down and congratulates us. "Haha we all knew this would happen eventually guys! Just never though you guys would be this damned oblivious!" Jesse says and chuckles.

Author's note***

Sorry its so short.  I suddenly got some serious writers block. but i hope you enjoy!

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