Chapter 4

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We get to school, and guess who I see as soon as I walk in?


He is SOO FREAKIN CUTE. But, he's horrible with manners, and he hardly notices me. Tati was always the outgoing, fun one. I always just made things awkward.

But anyways, we're inside the school and he cones up to me and Tati. I think I just threw up on the inside.

"Yeo whats good? I'm Marcus, but you should know that." he chuckles.

"Yeah we know, whats up?" Tati replied.

"I came to ask you guys something. We're tryna do some stuff tonight. Nothin too wild, I'm on probation. But, you know, somethin fun. And you two look perfect."

I'm just standing there looking like a complete bimbo. My mom would never let me go, at the same time, when has she ever cared? I've gotta think up something. If I say no, he'll think I'm a stud.

"Look, we'll let you know after school. Meet us by the front door."

It's like Tati can read my freakin mind sometimes.

"Okay, I hope you guys don't stud out. You guys look hella fun."

Welp, time to think.

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