Chapter 9

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After 6 months

          "Bryle can we please walk in the park today" Khylie said, since Bryle knew about Khylie's condition he didn't allow Khylie anymore to go to her business and so as he, but he makes sure that he still keeps in touch with his company. "Sure, I'll just tell the kids" bryle said and went to the kids room.

           After preparing they went of to the village park. When they arrived at the  village park, they layed a blanket over the grass so Khylie and Bryle could sit there while the kids play, "Hey, Khylie since its your birth day next week why don't we have an out of a country trip?" Bryle said just to break the silence that's been covering them up again, "Sure why not?" Khylie said still looking in the kids.

          "Hey, Khylie do you have a problem, your spacing out again?" Bryle asked looking worried to Khylie, "Nope, I'm fine" Khylie whispered, "Okay then, so do you have any idea where could we go?" Bryle asked, "Anywhere's fine as long as i'm with you and the kids" Khylie said with a smile, "How about Japan?" Bryle suggested, "We've been there three times already, I want something that we could have new and happy memories" Khylie said, "Okay, how about Korea, I'm sure the kids will have fun there because it's winter.  We could also stay there 'till christmas don't you think, since it's just three days before christmas, from your birth date" Bryle said with a smile, "Yeah that would be great, but can we also have a small gathering for our friends and families before the day of our flight?" Khylie asked, "Yeah sure anything for you my Queen" Bryle said with a smile. 

          "Thank you" Khylies said and hug Bryle they stayed in that position till they notice that the sky is turning a bit orange, "Uhmm, Bryle can you please get my camera in the car" Khylie said as she noticed that her camera wasn't with her, "Yeah,sure just wait here, I'll get some sandwhiches too for some snack" Bryle said and left. 

        After a while Bryle came back with a camera on his left hand and a basket full of foods that Khylie made while Bryle and the kids were preparing theirselves. "Kids come here let's have a snack, Mommy prepared sandwhiches and I also made a Blueberry pie" Khylie called the kids with a cheerful voice, "Yes mommy!" Khyle answered. "Hey honey where's the camera?" Khylie asked, "Oh it's here, here you go" Bryle said as he handed the camera to Khylie, "Thank you" Khylie said and she started taking photos of them. When the kids started feeling sleepy they went back home.

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