Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home

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"Calm down! It's not the end of the world. You'll just have to get used to this place. You can make new friends here, Liam." His mom snapped.

Fourteen-year-old Liam looked around hating the fact that this place, Hemmingtown, was his new home. He sat back in his seat and crossed his arms. He missed his home back in Lowisworth, that's where all of his friends were. Two months ago his parents talked about moving, although, Liam didn't really think they would. Now he sat in his dad's car listening to the sound of the car wheels rolling over smooth road. His dad, who was driving, hit a small bump in the road which made Liam hit his head against the window.

"Ow!" Liam said rubbing the side of his head.

His mother looked behind her into the backseat. "Careful Nelson!" She said looking at her husband. "You're going to make Timmy fall out of his car seat." She said and smiled at Timmy then turned back around in her seat. Timmy was only eight months old. He sat back in his car seat chewing on a small red toy car.

"Sorry guys, the road's kind of bumpy from here on out so hang on." Nelson said.

Liam eyed both his parents, looking at the back of their heads from the backseat. He frowned. His dad, Nelson Parker, was a successful business man. However, his business transferred to this place, Hemmingtown.

Liam's dad had short brown hair that was nicely combed up to his forehead. He had small grey eyes and wore glasses. He smiled often and was always happy, but when he's moody you don't want to be around him. He wore suits almost everywhere he went. Even to the beach, which pissed off Liam's mom because she finds it rather extreme. Liam's mom worked at a bakery she owned herself back home, selling bread, muffins, cakes, cookies, and all of that stuff. She loved to bake and that's why Liam's dad was sort of chubby. Her bakery was named Abigail's Home of Delight. His mom always dreamed of owning a bakery that had her name on the sign. She ran the bakery for two years and it was on track. Number one in their town. However, because of the move, she sold it to one of her old friends from college.

The baby started to cry now. Liam looked at him and scrunched his nose. "Mom, I think Timmy needs a daiper change again." He said rolling down the car window.

"We're almost there." His mother said.

Liam looked around. He saw a graveyard far in the distance to his left. When they drove past it, he noticed the graveyard was very small and looked to only have around fifty graves. He had never seen a graveyard that small. He saw that there was a gray house to the side of it that had no windows. The door was boarded up and a wooden sign hung from it. The letters were in a different language he didn't recognize.

Liam's dad turned into another street which consisted of white houses, each one about thirty feet away from each other. Everyone had their own yard. The neighborhood seemed peaceful to Liam. He saw kids riding their bikes, owners walking their dogs, more kids flying kites. The air smelled nice and fresh.

His dad was at the end of the street when he parked the car into a driveway.

That's strange. There aren't any houses next to this one. Liam thought. He grabbed his backpack that was in the car and got out as soon it stopped. He closed the car door and looked at the house. It looked, to his surprise, old. Liam expected it to be new but this one had a crooked white fence around the yard, the paint nearly chipped off every part of it. The porch was made of wood and had a small swinging chair big enough for one person on it. The door was the same color of the house, light gray. There was an upstairs and downstairs. Liam looked up to the top of the house.

"Cool, an attic." He said walking towards the trunk of the car to get out his suitcases.

His dad lifted two suitcases out of the trunk then one more. When he was done, Liam grabbed both of his suitcases. He laid them onto the grass that was in front of the house. So many trees. He thought. There were a lot of trees around the house too. One was so close to the house, Liam thought it could fall any moment. The other houses were a bit farther away from theirs. The closest looked about one hundred feet away.

Liam lifted up both his suitcases, pulled up the handles and started walking to their new house.

"Hey Liam, can you give me a hand?" His mom said picking up Timmy and bouncing him around in her arms.

"Look Timmy. This is our new home." She said showing Timmy the house. Timmy looked at it strangely, as if he was scared. Timmy's eyes wandered to the top of the house, his mouth formed a frown and he began to cry.

Liam's dad unlocked the front door and told Liam that he could go settle in after he helped mom.

Liam pushed open the front door and looked around amazed. The place was huge. There was a big living room full of furniture that was brown and gold in color. The floor was made of glazed wood which made it shine. There were orange chandeliers on the ceiling. The windows had big, dark brown curtains in front of them. Liam liked the inside of the house, however, he thought the outside of the house could use some fixing up.

Just then his dad came, heaving two giant suitcases in the house. He leaned them against the wall while his mom came in holding Timmy. "Wow! This place is beautiful Nelson." His mom said. "Oh my God the chandeliers are just gorgeous." She said spinning around slowly, getting a good look around.

"It is nice. Though the outside of the house could definitely use some repairs. I'll call one after we're settled in. Liam your room is upstairs. You'll know it when you see it." His father said.

Liam dragged his suitcases that were bumping along each step, up the wooden stairs. When he got upstairs there was a huge white framed window in front of him with a white fuzzy sitting couch for looking out of the window. He looked out of it and saw their backyard. There was nothing but grass and a few places that looked like someone was digging up dirt or something.

Liam went to the end of the hallway and looked in the first room he saw. The room was light blue and the walls were decorated with stickers of Blue from Blues Clues. "Must be Timmy's room." He said then started thinking that Timmy was still kinda young for his own room.

A sound from the other end of the hall made Liam jump. It sounded like someone was tapping on glass. He walked down the hallway and peeked inside the room. He knew this was his.

The walls were dark blue. The room was big and designed with all sorts of outer space stickers and paintings. The planets were painted on one wall. Aliens on the other wall. The ceiling was painted black and had tiny dots of white paint for stars and there were some silver galaxies. The carpet was a light blue and fuzzy. Liam set his suitcases against the door and admired the beauty of the room. He always dreamed of being an astronaut one day.

He then heard a tapping sound again. What is that? He thought. He began looking around. He walked over to the closest and saw nothing inside. Except something covered in white wrapping. Whatever it was it was big and took up the whole closet. There was a note on the front of the wrapping.


The hairs on Liam's neck stood at attention as he dropped the note. He ran downstairs yelling his parent's name.

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