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"Hello" Aizawa sighed.
The class's attention turned to the man in the sleeping bag,

He got out the sleeping bag and stood up, stretching.

"I'm your teacher, shouta Aizawa.
Call me Mr. Aizawa or Aizawa sensei.
I'll be teaching you all for the time you are at this school" he said.

The class was taken aback by this man's lazy tone.
It felt like he didn't want to be there which was likely true.

"Now that introductions are over get into your gym outfits and meet me outside.
It's time for a physical evaluation" aizawa said as he walked out.

The class quickly followed behind, doing as he said.
Midoriya noticed Bakugo's subtle glare but he didn't really care.
Midoriya quickly got dressed and made his way outside.

Soon the rest of the class came in and Aizawa began.

"You." Aizawa pointed at Midoriya.
The class looked over at Midoriya, uneasy once again.

"You got the highest in the entrance exam.
Throw this ball as far as you can.
What was your junior high score?" Aizawa asked as he tossed a ball at Midoriya.

Midoriya stretched, making sure the bracelet was on.

"50ish meters, I can't recall" Midoriya replied dully.

"Throw the ball with your quirk"

"Okay, but don't talk to me until I put the bracelet back on" Midoriya groaned.
He pulled off the bracelet and threw it to the ground.

Aizawa was confused as to why exactly he said that but he wasn't going to go against it.

"If I shot a blast of negative energy it'd make them all fight.
However, negative emotions are already in the air they're scared of me.
So doing that wouldn't be any different.

Alright" Midoriya tightened his grip on the ball and threw it, blasting negative energy along with it.

It traveled far, Midoriya quickly put the bracelet back on.

Aizawa felt a rush of anger but it was short lived once Midoriya put on his bracelet.
He showed Midoriya his score.

1000 meters...

The class gasped, that was most definitely far.

"What's your quirk?
How come you said that earlier?" Aizawa asked.

Midoriya made sure the bracelet was on, "my quirk makes people feel some kind of negative emotion with my words alone.
If I talk without this quirk canceller you all would likely begin to fight or hate each other" Midoriya replied.

"If that's true how come you have horns tails, and what that blast was?"

"I collect negative energy and harvest it into powers.
My quirk is called the Devil's influence or the siren's influence, pick and choose I don't really care." Midoriya walked back over to the class, hands in pocket.
He didn't care about these little explanations, he just wanted to get into training.

Now let's get into the physical evaluation.

Whoever gets last place will be expelled, no hesitation.
So you better all try" Aizawa hissed.

And so they began the activities.

Midoriya went through all the activities, trying his hardest.
In the end, he was in 1st place.

After all the activities he realized his eyes were purple, while he still did have a lot of negative energy, he liked being fully charged incase anything were to happen.

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