Chapter 5.

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Scarlett's POV

For once I sat content in the car not paying any attention to the music Louis was blasting out of the stereo. My eyes were fixed on the road ahead but I wasn't paying any attention to that either. It was just somewhere for my eyes to remain during my thinking. I felt at ease with my life at the moment. Nothing was perfect but how often is something really that good? I liked my life how it was at this very moment in time. I had my sister who was happy despite her moodiness, I knew deep down she was head over heels in love and genuinely blissful. I had the boy who lit up my world just with his smile. And I had friends who were more like family to me. As of this moment I didn't want anything to change.

             I brushed away a loose strand of hair which had fallen from my pony tail and looked back out of the car. The rain outside which had just started to hammer down reached higher decibels than the radio. It disturbed my random thinking; it wasn't even the calm rain you could fall asleep to.

            "Whatcha thinking 'bout?" Louis questioned, his eyes flickered to mine then back to the road.

            "You" I replied effortlessly.

            "Something good I hope."

            "Of course."

            "You know you look really cute when you're concentrating. You pull this weird expression."

            "It's my thinking face."

            "If that's what you want to call it..."

        "Leave my facial expressions alone or I could bite back harder," I threatened with a playful smirk on my face.

            "Literally or..."

            "Theoretically. I could pull the face you made this morning in the shower..."

            "What face?" He asked sceptically.

      Instead of explaining his rather amusing expression I decided to act out much to his displeasure. I closed my eyes, furrowing my brow and gritting my teeth. I couldn't hold the expression for too long, I had already begun sniggering.

            "I do not pull that face."

           "How would you know?" I questioned wriggling my eyebrows on my forehead at him. I noticed his hand grip tighter round the steering wheel as he tried to think of a cocky comeback but the more time that passed the more triumphant I felt.

            "Now I'm seriously going to tell Niall about this morning," he smirked clearly pleased with his answer and my annoyance.

            "I hate you" I mumbled.

            "Na you don't."

            We were surrounded by silence after that because I had nothing to say back to him. I love our constant bickering it was nothing hurtful, all in the name of fun. The rain continued to batter down on the car causing the most horrific sounds. I wasn't scared of a bit of rain but it was so loud. And we could barely see past the window wipers let alone see the road. Louis however didn't look phased. He never did. He looked so calm and collected almost all the time, I envied him of this however it made it easier for me to tell when he was upset. My fingers were idly twiddling in my lap as my eyes watched them fight with each other. The cars speed began slowing down, I assumed we were almost there by now.

            "Did you bring an umbrella?" Louis asked as the car came to a halt on the driveway.


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