Chapter 3

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"What mom?"
"When is Tati coming to get you?"
"Why do you care?"
"Don't give me lip, answer the damn question."
"9:00 why?
"I just got a call from your school, saying that if you're late or skip again, you will be kicked out."
"Okay, again I ask, why. Do. You. Care?"
"Even though its been hard, I still care about you."
I hear Tati blowing her horn really loudly.
"Okay, bye mom."
This happens every once in a while, where my mom tries to talk to me. And I always blow her off. Because I know she'll never change back to the loving mother she once was. I'm glad Tati came when she did. She always comes at the right time.

"Hey babes"
"Hey tati"
"Oh no, whats wrong?"
"Nothing, just my mom being who she is"
"Well, don't worry about her now. We not goin to school, we takin a day off." she says jokingly.
"To be honest, Tati, I can't miss any more school. They called my mom this morning. I'm gonna get kicked out if we do this again."
"So I guess we'll just have to wait until tonight."
"I have a curfew, Tati."
"Since when do you EVER listen to what your mom says? Just sneak out, she's never home at night anyways."
"Alright, fine, what time are you comin?"
"Like, 8:30, 8:45. Be ready, we might be gone all night.
I'm excited about tonight, but I don't wanna show it, so I just turn up the music and let her drive. Tati is the worst driver I know, but I'm not worried about that now.

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