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Ace Campbell is the graphic artist behind the most read webtoon "Neptune and Nebula"

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Ace Campbell is the graphic artist behind the most read webtoon "Neptune and Nebula".

Ace is still nostalgic about his one great love-- the girl who inspired him to draw one of his infamous heroine "Nebula". It's already been six years since he last saw her. She vanished like a phantom in the mist after a tragic event that has completely changed her and the course of their relationship.

And even after their separation, Ace still persevered and pursued his passion until he became successful. 

Now that he's on the last series of his popular webtoon, he's having a hard time trying to finish something that's still filled with so many questions. Like the character Neptune, Ace is still lost in space trying to make sense of Nebula. So he returns to his hometown where it all began. Though haunted by the past, He knows its the only way to feel everything again, from the day he met her-- till the day he lost her. 

All he ever wants to know is where she went or where she's been all these years. He just wants her to know that all of the fame and acclaims that he's been getting is because of her; because she never gave up on him.

On the last episode of his webtoon, Ace chronologically narrates to his readers and goes back to memory lane, hoping he's not too late to bring back what they had, even if it means it'll take a few more years to see her again and mend what broke them apart.

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