It Rains Does

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It was around lunch when everything went downhill. Ginny called her children. "JAMES SIRIUS POTTER HOW DARE YOU PULL A STUNT LIKE THIS! DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW WORRIED I HAVE BEEN! WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON Y-" "Young man, we will discuss your punishment at another time. As for now, I want all of you children to look after each other. I want Teddy and Victoire in charge until we get you home. We love you all, bye," Harry's stern voice flowed softly from the phone.

James quickly jumped from his hiding place, behind a couch. However, before anything could happen, screaming cut through the air. "IF SOMEONE DOESN'T BLOODY CATCH ME, EVERYONE WILL BE MURDERED BY MY FORKS!" "Lyrica," Rose yelped as she watched Teddy catch the pale girl. Alice rushed towards the girl. "Lyrica are you alright?" "Fantastic," the girl replied, eyes shut firmly. "Then stand up," Frank commanded. "Do you want me to vomit? I have vertigo dimwit, if I stand I'll fall!" Rebecca stifled a laugh, her friends never change. "At least open your eyes Allen." "I'll oblige only this once Rayton." The past gasped as the girl opened her dark, violet, eyes. Her eyes made her pale skin more pronounced; her curly brown hair hung in a tangled mess to her hips. "You look terrible," Hugo said bluntly. Rose gasped and smacked her brother for his carelessness. Lyrica rolled her eyes and said, "It is alright Rosie. I get enough blunt honesty from my three brothers." Hugo still looked a bit sheepish though. "Really it's fine Hugo." Hugo nodded slowly and sat besides Lily and Wynter.

It was that moment that Sirius chose the cough. Lyrica shrieked as she spun around. Once she saw the unfamiliar faces she bolted behind Victoire. "Oh c'mon Lyrica introduce yourself!" Dominique exclaimed after they explained the situation. Slowly, the pale girl stepped out and said, almost inaudibly, "Hello, I'm Lyrica Doe Allen. I am the adoptive daughter of Gabrielle Allen née Delacour. Currently, I attend Hogwarts, Hufflepuff house. This year I am entering my sixth year, making me 15. Any other questions?" "Are you going to tell them?" Teddy asked. Lyrica hesitated and replied, "Only if I must or if they ask. Seeing him while he was 18 was hard enough." Her friend looked at her sympathetically. "What aren't you telling us," Remus asked, it was always good to be safe. "My birth father happens to be in this very house. You see he died shortly after my birth. However, if I had not been frozen for many years I would be older that Teddy. Maybe that's why I can be the most mature at times. My mother was a lovely witch before she died during childbirth. In fact, I will be conceived this year, in the next few months." Rebecca looked at her friend in alarm, she hardly cried. Lyrica had let trails of salty tears fall down her cheeks. Lucy placed her hand on Lyrica's shoulder, in an attempt of comfort. "I'm fine guys, really," se said as she took a steadying breath. Then she turned to Sirius and said, "Hi Dad, you look young!"

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