Middle school

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Midoriya stared, bored, at the teacher who was teaching the lesson.
However, his simple states came off as glares and the teacher felt very...

"Being at 100% capacity is so annoying when you can't dispel it.
Stupid staff members, not letting me use my quirk.
Tch" Midoriya thought to himself as he rested his head on his desk.

"Well it's that time of year!
It's time to apply to highschools!

Do any of you have an idea of where you're going to go?" The teacher asked.

Bakugo chuckled, the palm of his hands heating up a bit.
"I'm going to UA
I don't know about the rest of these rejects"

The class erupted into an angry fit, Midoriya opened his eyes.
He could see the negativity spewing off of them and into the air.
He'd like to collect it but he was at his current limit.

"Now now Bakugo, everyone has a fair chance at going to UA" the teacher said, settling the class down.

The teacher furrowed his brow when he looked at something on the student list, he accidentally muttered his confusion aloud.
"Midoriya wants to go to UA too...?"

The class uneasily turned to face Midoriya, Bakugo grew enraged as he cranked his neck to look at Midoriya.

Midoriya lifted his head up, a fang poking his bottom lip.
He shot a glare at the teacher, he had wanted that information to be private.

"You're worse than these rejects Deku!
You may have an okay quirk but it's villainous!
No HERO school is going to want to-" Bakugo was cut off when Midoriya activated his power.
He didn't feel like speaking, his actions would speak for themselves.

Bakugo's eyes went white as he turned back around and put his head off his desk.
Midoriya then released him from his mind control and went back to napping on the desk, sending shivers down the class's backs.

He was silent and deadly...

Midoriya had his own reasons for wanting to go to UA despite not actually wanting to be a hero.

And knowledge.

He knew what the curriculum was like, intense training.
He wanted that, he wanted to get stronger.
Not to mention...

When he did decide to be a villain, he'd already know who he was being put up against.

He was playing it smart.

However even while this was true, Midoriya already took his villain path...

Bakugo didn't turn back around, even After being released from mind control...
He hated the feeling of being controlled so he decided not to mess with Midoriya.

The day ended relatively fast, Midoriya walked down the street, his tail wagging along with him.

He'd do whatever he could to stall time, he hated going home...
While he did enjoy thriving off the energy and refueling after his fun he didn't enjoy seeing his parents fight.
He still wanted to experience love.

However he was neglected of that since he was 4, he doesn't remember how it even feels to miss it.

"I could kill a couple people again.
I wonder if there are any villain gangs I could join, it's much more useful than killing on my own." He thought to himself as he turned to an alleyway.

He found a random stranger just standing there and decided he'd kill him, he wanted to exhaust his powers anyways and this was the best way.

Midoriya shot a negative powered Lazer right through the stranger's heart, killing him instantly as he fell to the ground.
It was a silent death...

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