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I didn't realize how well me and Vinnie bonded until we sat down at dinner and talked for the longest time ever. I practically forgot that I was at my birthday dinner because the whole night we talked and talked.

Then by the end of the dinner, my friends said how we had one more surprise and that it was at an unknown address to me.

I had a strong feeling it was a party, that was going to be filled with people that I barely knew, but it didn't matter to me anyway. I planned on hiding away in my room after about an hour of "mingling" with the crowd.

And boy was I right, because when we had gotten back to the house, after parting ways with my mother who went back to her hotel, we opened the house door and it was filled. So many familiar faces, some I've never seen a day in my life... just everyone was there.

"Surprise!" They all shouted loudly.

A smile spread across my face as I stood there. So many of my good friends were there to celebrate my birthday and it was the first time in a while where I actually felt happy about this day.

I walked around and talked fo everyone I could, thanking them for coming and celebrating with me.

This all went on for like and hour and a half when Vinnie called for everyone's attention, walking through the kitchen with a cake in hand.

The cake was a baby picture of me, dressed in a all pink outfit, a similar color to the dress I was wearing. I laughed thinking about the moment that picture was taken. I was so young yet I vividly remember my dad dressing me that day, after convincing my mom he could do it all by himself.

He even did my hair that day into a bun, since that was the only hairstyle he'd managed to do.

It made me smile thinking back on times like that, but also made me sad because I couldn't help but miss my father.

All my thoughts seemed to be pushed aside though, once the crowd began to break out into song, singing me happy birthday. It went on for a minute until I finally was able to make a wish, blowing out my candle.

Vinnie couldn't help himself, so he dipped a finger into the cake, rubbing the icing on each of the apple of my cheeks. A smile erupted on my face as I pushed his hand away, laughing.

I could honestly live in this moment forever...


After a while of socializing with everyone, and thanking them for coming, I found my way back into the confinement of my room.

I definitely had enough human interaction for the day, so I went and changed into a more comfortable outfit.

It was already pretty late, around 3 am yet the party was live as ever down stairs. I kind of just wanted to escape from it all. "Shouldn't you be downstairs celebrating? I came here for you, you know." I suddenly hear Vinnie say from his spot at my door.

I jumped in my seat, completely startled.

"You should knock next time... it doesn't hurt. It also doesn't give me a fucking heart attack." I say, making him laugh.

"I'm being serious, why aren't you down there? I've been looking for you."

"I was tired of smiling in everyone's face and plus it's late. I kind of don't want to be here either when everyone leaves so I think I'm gonna go on a walk." I tell him, putting on my sweater. "We'll I don't want you walking around at night, so let's go for a drive." He proposes. I stood there for a bit, not knowing if I should but I grabbed his hand, letting him pull me out of the house, past Mila who wore a look of confusion on her face.

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