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April and May flew by quicker than ever.

I went back home to New York with Mila for a month, to visit out families but we were back to L.A in no time, picking up from where we left off.

As for me and Vinnie's friendship, it was still going strong and was more solid than ever. As for him and Megan, which is the girl he's been telling me about, they've been pretty solid and still in their talking stage as for what I know.

I wouldn't say I completely love the idea of her and Vinnie together but I've been managing on.

But besides that, that all didn't matter because it was my birthday month and you know what that means? I turn 18 and I graduate from highschool!! Cue the applause and graduation music!

If I'm being honest, I'm not that excited for my birthday because there is nothing that I really want to do. My mother won't be here so that's boring. Vinnie won't be able to celebrate with me either because he said he's going on some trip the week of my birthday so that sucks as well, I was really hoping I'd get to meet him.

However I still do have my friends here that I know won't let my birthday go unnoticed, especially since that's all they've been talking about for the past week.

It was tomorrow, on June 18th and I still had so much to do. Mila and Nessa told me that they wanted me to find a cute outfit for my birthday dinner so I did and I bought this cute pink sparkly dress.

I usually wouldn't wear such vibrant colors but I loved it and it looked really good on me in the store so I was excited to wear it out for dinner tomorrow night.

I wanted to get my nails done because I haven't gone in a while so I asked Avani and Charli if they wanted to go with me, to which they said yes. We did that, and drove through the in and out drive through before we all headed back to mine and Mila's place.

Mila and Nessa where already there when we walked in the house.

They looked like they were up to no good when I walked in, but they insisted that nothing was going on. They're such fucking liars.

"Okay so we weighed our options out and since you didn't want to go far for dinner, we can either go to Boa steak house or Saddle Ranch." Mila states.

"Saddle ranch is sounding pretty nice." I sing. They all looked at me as if I was crazy before shaking their heads. "You do not go to saddle ranch in a cute pink sparkly dress for your birthday. We're going to Boa, I don't even know why you gave her an option." Avani says looking to me and Mila.

"Hey! Saddle ranch is definitely worth it."

"We can have your birthday lunch at saddle then. Maybe they'll let you ride the bull." Charli proposed.

"We do not need anything happening to the birthday girl tomorrow. We'll mess around and she'll be in the hospital with a twisted ankle before the night is even over." Mila laughs.

"That's not true! I have great balance!" I defend.

"Yeah right." Avani scoffs.

Waking up the next morning I felt no change at all.

I still felt like the 17 year old girl I always was, and like nothing ever changed. But something did change. I aged up. I was now 18 and finally legal.

Woohoo! I guess?

I don't know. Every time around my birthday I always get upset because I miss my father dearly and wish he'd be able to wish me a happy birthday. I know he's probably looking down on me, wishing me the best birthday, telling me not to be sad because it's another year I get to celebrate life...

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