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Next morning was an entire ruckus.

Amane had anticipated having to argue with a child, but he didn't imagine it would be so soon.

"No! Noooo! I don't wanna study!!" Haruto flung his arms around, shaking his head.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Amane gave a long, deep breath, before pointing at the textbook on the coffee table. "Just because you know how to read and write a little doesn't mean you're automatically smart."

"I am smart!!"

"What's two plus two?"

"Eh? Uh..." The child looked at his own hands, silently counting, before replying with a confident "There's two twos, so it's two twos!"

"That's completely incorrect!" Ah, why am I trying to reason with a kid here?

Haruto puffed his cheeks out, trying muster out the most intimidating glare he could. This just makes him look like a hamster, however.

"I don't need to study! I can just—"

"You can't just breeze through this entrance exam and expect it to go well." If he didn't make this kid excel in his test, he wouldn't be able to complete his mission.

"Hah... Whatever. I'll be heading out today." Amane grabbed the coat hanging by the rack, turning his back on him. "You're staying here today."

"Wha?! Why not?!!"

"Just stay here and watch the house!"

Haruto peeked out from the doorway, watching his father leave. He debated on following him in secret, but clearly he hadn't counted on Amane suddenly turning around to face him.

"Don't even think about following me! I can tell by that look on your face!"

Urk! He's really good at this!!


"So... that's why you're late?"

Amane groaned tiredly. "I expected taking care of a kid would be a hassle, but not like this."

"Kids are like that, Midnight. They're young, they don't know any better."

"Easy for you to say, Kou. You have a little sister."

Kou shot him an apologetic grin, sliding over an envelope on the counter. "You're right. But anyway, while I was working on the cafe, I managed to snag the entrance exam's application form, as well as the question sheet."

"Thanks. The kid's a little dumb, but I think I can get him to memorize the answers on the exam."

"Hold on. I got another thing here." Kou took out a folded piece of paper from his pocket, handing it to Amane. "It's info on your new son. Records the orphanage didn't have."

Records, huh? Amane unfolded the paper, seeing a slightly outdated photo of Haruto clipped on the corner.

"No records on parents, except they heard they were some pretty important people. Their identities were never found. He's gone through four foster homes and two orphanages."

They even have a list of his different foster families. How many times did he change his last name throughout? This kid...

"Isn't that cool? With all those different last names, you two are basically meant to be father and son. You even have the same eyes." Kou chuckled, only to be given a dirty glare.

"What? It's a joke."

"I know." Don't think I haven't noticed that, already. But I'm probably just overthinking things.

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