Two- Green Eyes

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Castiel listened to all of the students pileing into the room, looking down at his deck tracing patters on the wood surface.

"Shh!"Mr. Metatron hissed, glaring at the class as they all went quiet. There were a few whispers every now and then. People looking over at Cas.

"Thats Gabriels brother" One of the girls whispered, nuging the other.

"Too bad he's a freak" The other laughed.

Castiel sunk into the chair, he hated that word, Freak. He wasn't stupid, he was told that by alot of doctors. His IQ was higher than alot of kids his age. But he didnt get why kids called him names like that. How am I any different from anyone else? He thought to himself, glaring up at the girl slightly before his eyes shot back down to his desk.

"I said be quiet!"Mr. Metatron yelled, making Cas jump and drop his book of the floor. He stayed still as everyone in turned to face him, staring at him at he sat there. Stop staring. He wanted to yell but words failed him, so his eyes went back to the desk, sitting silently.


"Please remember to finish reading your books and I want a full book review on my desk by monday!" He yelled as everyone walked out of the classroom.

Castiel slowly packed up his books, throwing his bag over his shoulder and walking out of the classroom. It was recess next and Cas wasent sure where henwas suposed to go.


From: Castiel

To: Gabriel

Can you please come get me?



To: Castiel

On my way bro, just wait outside your class I'll be there soon. :)


Castiel smiled at his phone, copying the smiley face Gabriel sent him.

It took Gabriel exactly two minutes and thirty seven seconds to arrive, Cas counted.

"Hey Cas, how was your first lesson?" Gabriel asked with a grin on his face.

"They called me a freak." Cas mumbled, shrugging slightly before he stared walking to the school cafeteria.

Gabriel sighed and followed closely behind Cas as the arived at the cafeteria. They moved to the table right at the back and sat down.

"Ill go get us some food okay? You wait here." Gabriel said as he stood up, walking off.

Cas sat still, tracing the patterns on the wodden table as he look over the room at all the students when his eyes stopped on a guy. He couldn't help but stare, but as soon at the guy spun around, his bright green eyes connected with his blue and Cas looked away immediately.


Sorry its short, the next will be longer. I PROMISE!

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