I didn't go to school
My head was spinning
"Are you going to tell me what happened?" My mom asked handing me some pain medication and water

"Me and Jackie got into it"

Her eyes grew wide "Jackie?!"

"Yes" I said chugging down the water


"Because she's a hypocrite"

"Ava, I thought I taught you better than to fight with your fists"

"Yeah but she hit me first"

She shifted my head and looked at my eye which was throbbing "you have a black eye" she said

She came back and wiped away the dried blood from my face and put a cool compress on my eye

"What's going on with you...why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you what? She was the one who started it"

"You two need some type of counseling-"

"Mom I'm done with her"

"You've known her too long to just be done with her. Should I call?"

"Call whoever I will never be cool with her again" I said sternly

My baby brother began to cry and my mom left my room without a word

I got tired of staying in house but there was no where else I could go because Gavin went somewhere and I remembered I had no friends

School was still session and I didn't want to go to mall. I practically went there everyday

So I just went back to sleep


I awoke to people yelling

I went to the hallway where Jessie was already standing holding my baby brother, Malik, in her arms

My parents bedroom was closed but I heard the intense yelling

"....Samuel you need to go see someone about this"

"What do I need to go there for?!" My dad yelled

"Because you're not stable"

"My children are here I need to protect them and I'm stable enough"

"No you're not!" my mom cried

I've never heard my mom sound so vulnerable and desperate

Jessie and I exchanged worried glances

My mom came out of the room, eyes puffy, with her suitecase and Malik's baby bag

"You two go get packed" she said sternly

My eyebrows pinched together in confusion "Where are we going?"

"Just go get packed!"

"Janet you're not taking my kids away from me" My dad said rolling into the hallway

"Watch me...hurry up and pack" my mother repeated

I stood there dumbfounded

"Ava lets go!" My mom said taking Malik from Jessie

"I dont want to go" I said in a low tone

My mom gave me a stern look then rushed out of the door

Jessie gave me a sympathetic look then went out the door with her bags

I heard the car start and then slowly disappear

"Everything's going to be ok. Me and your mom are just going through a rough patch" My dad said as he squeezed my hand "Do you want anything to eat?"

"No I'm just gonna go to bed" I said going back to room.

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