'One Year Later'

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One Year Later

It has been one year since the battle. One year since she had lost her sister. Harley could remember that day clearly, she could remember the screams as she watched her sister be ripped apart by Victoria, both her own and Bella's.

Even though she and Bella didn't have that close relationship that twins had anymore, that didn't mean she didn't love her sister any less. In Bella's final moments, Harley could see the sister that she used to be before the accident in her eyes and it made her undead heart clench in pain. In that moment, she forgave her sister for everything, even if Bella didn't deserve it.

When Harley woke up from her transition into a Vampire, she had asked her mates and family if it was true, if Bella was really dead. Once it was confirmed, she cried unshed tears. And for two months, Harley was in a depressed state before coming out of it with the help of her mates, family and friends. After those months, she started to get better, becoming like her old self.

They held a simple funeral for her and all Harley wanted to do was cry. A few words were said, words about the old Bella that everyone loved. Her mother was there with Phil, crying her eyes out while holding onto Harley's hand tightly with Charlie on Harley's other side. The small family grieving for their daughter and sister.

Charlie never really knew what caused Bella's death, all he knew was that it was an animal attack that killed Bella, and it killed Harley to not let him know the truth about what happened. She couldn't even see him for a couple of weeks until her control was okay enough that she wouldn't attack him for his blood.

Harley knew that soon enough, Charlie would have to feel the pain of losing another daughter and she hoped that he would be able to pull through and from what she had seen lately, Sue could help him when the time came. Harley could remember when Charlie tried to tell her that he and Sue were together, she was happy for him and happy that he won't be alone once she left.

Harley and her mates were still going strong, them being there for her whenever she had a breakdown from remembering a moment with Bella or having great vampire sex whenever and wherever they wanted which of course made the others of the family complain, mainly Edward, when catching them in the moment by accident.

Harley's schizophrenia also developed into her vampire power. Let's just say, it freaked her out when one minute she was standing alone, talking to herself and suddenly another Harley popped up next to her.

Apparently, the voices in her head could manifest into the world as another human being instead of just being in her head and let's just say the pranks she pulled were hilarious, especially when the others first didn't know about her power.

Her friendship with the Wolf pack was still the same, they of course all now joke of how she now smelled like leech whenever she visited them and she would joke back saying how they weren't better with their dog smell. Paul had imprinted on a girl named Ivy, who very muched loved plants and let's just say he was smittened even before the imprint took place, no matter how much he denied it.

Jacob and Leah were going strong, having come together as boyfriend and girlfriend after the battle. Leah having taken care of him when Jacob was nearly crushed by a newborn, and let's just say Harley has cheered them on from the side lines as their relationship grew.

Then there was Isaac, the little 5-year-old boy with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes the three-way couple adopted. Harley had found him one day alone in the woods while hunting, his parents were attacked by a nomad that passed through and left Isaac alive. The little one for some reason attached himself to her and never let go, she was smitten of course, as were her mates and family.

He was a little boy of sunshine. Playing with his father Emmett whenever he could, following his mother Rose around and had of course taken on some of her sassy mannerism, which always made her and Emmett laugh. It was too adorable when he did, but Rose loved it and was just happy to finally have a chance of being a mother.

But Harley was the one he went to if he wanted comfort or just wanted to snuggle, which warmed her heart. Even touch they couldn't have one of their own, they were happy to be given a chance to have a family with Isaac.

A lot of things happened since that day and now, they finally came to this moment. The day of all days between Harley, Emmett and Rosalie. Their Wedding day.

Harley was practically glowing in happiness and excitement as she waited to marry the two people she loved with all her heart. Isaac was going to be the ring bearer, wearing a little suit and was proudly holding onto the wedding rings.

Harley was ready to start her new life with them, a life filled with love, happiness and excitement. She was bouncing on her toes, her dress bouncing along with her as she waited. Charlie stood next to her with tears in his eyes, his little girl was moving on with her life and he couldn't be even more proud of her.

And as she walked down that aisle, said her vows and said 'I Do' while looking into their eyes with so much love. Harley knew that she finally got her fairy tale ending.

The End


Hi guys, we have finally made it to the end of the story! I have enjoyed making this for you guys and I hope you have all loved this story as much as I did.

Thank you all for following this story to the very end, the encouraging comments and for liking this story as they have given me the motivation to continue this story to the very end.

I will now start posting my other stories, so please go check them out and hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as you have enjoyed this one. Here is a picture of Harley's Wedding dress;

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