The #ConnectToAccept Write-a-thon [CLOSED]

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To celebrate Pride in Canada, this month Wattpad and Fido have teamed up to launch the #ConnectToAccept Short Story Write-a-thon.

Our goal is to connect all Canadians to a more diverse representation of Pride, by showing that Pride comes in every colour as we all know the LGBTQ2S+ community is way more diverse than 6 colours. As a longstanding ally, Fido believes there's power in connecting through our diversity.

For every story submitted in the comment section below, Wattpad and Fido will each donate $1 to Pflag Canada, up to a maximum of $3,000.00 CAD. Pflag Canada is proud to be Canada's only national organization that offers peer-to-peer support striving to help all Canadians with gender identity, sexual orientation and gender expression. Pflag supports, educates and provides resources to anyone with questions or concerns. Pflag promises to offer local, practical, and emotional peer-to-peer family support for individuals and their loved ones challenged by gender/sexual identity. To learn more about this amazing organization, click here .

📝  It's time to start writing!

Supporting this initiative is easy! In 2000 characters or less, share a story in the comment section below, that celebrates acceptance.

It can be about ANY of the diverse communities that Pride represents. Be it an act of allyship or a gesture that made you or someone you know feel accepted. It could have happened on Wattpad or in real life. Or it could be your opinion; shedding light on the importance of embracing all of the communities represented by Pride! It can even be about how this acceptance has impacted you or someone you know in a positive way. Let's tell the world. Let's change the world.

We want to hear all of your uplifting stories, all month long! Make sure to include the hashtag #ConnectToAccept or #ConnecterPourAccepter at the end of your story, in order to trigger the donation!


Deadline to enter this Write-a-thon is June 30th, 2021 at 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time.

✅  Submission Requirements

To trigger the $2 donation, please ensure your story meets the following criteria:

-Enter your story within comment section below

-Submissions written in English or French are accepted

-Submission must be tagged with either #ConnectToAccept or #ConnecterPourAccepter

-Submission must be an original fictional or non-fictional story and must be its own work (not part of an already existing short story collection)

-You can submit more than on story, as long as they are compliant with Wattpad's

📜  Rules

-The only way to trigger the $2 donation, is by submitting your story in the comment section below and tagging it with one or both of the indicated hashtags under Submission Requirements.

-Please refrain from posting mature content in association with this Write-a-thon.

Love and acceptance are values that are celebrated here at Wattpad, as such there will be a zero tolerance policy regarding any hate and negativity towards the LGBTQ2S+ community in entries or in comments. They will be removed immediately and action will be taken against the offending user.

And that's it! You've officially supported an awesome cause to celebrate Pride. Remember, Whatever flag you fly, fly it with Pride! 🏳️‍🌈

Happy Writing!

The Wattpad Team

The Fido Team


Fido, operated by Rogers Communications Canada Inc. is not an administrator of the #ConnectToAccept Write-a-thon and is not associated with the administration of the #ConnectToAccept Write-a-thon in any way other than its capacity as sponsor in name.

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