My Take on Werewolves

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My Take on Werewolve

No better place to begin my BullShit Center then where it all started.

Demon is not my first story actually. I had written four or five others prier, but it was my first gay and werewolf novel, and has turned into a monster with 7 spin-offs. Screwed myself over in the editing department.

For all Demon Series lovers, you’re welcome, but Lost in Captivity will be the last full novel. I say novel because I MIGHT do SHORT side stories for Peter/Rupert and Vinny/Rush. (Note the two key words.)

So here’s the things I looked for when I’m searching the sea of Werewolf Stories:

1- Sorry, but it has to be gay. Personal preference, I rarely read straight stories of any genre. Shows you were my properties lie as I listed it as number one, but honestly the gay tag is what I look for first. So yeah… just skip this one.

2- The Title, if the title is crap, I won’t read it.

What makes a title crap, something with any of these elements: The Big, Huge, Handsome, #1 Jock, is a Werewolf and I’m His Mate, but I Hate Him. You just gave away the whole plot in the title. There is no mystery to this.

I’ll admit titles are damn hard, and some of mine are not that great, such as Raven and River--those are pretty boring. But this also makes me appreciate when someone has a really good one.

Fun Fact: I really like the one word title for some reason. If you can get everything about your book in a single word, I give you props, because I know how hard it is.

3-Ranking- this is my view on a werewolf ranks. Yours may be different, but to me, this is how it should work.

If a character is the alpha, they earned it.

The only person that could remotely be able to take them on in a fight would be the Beta. No one else, or they wouldn’t be the alpha. That being said:

I don’t believe in Omega Revolutions.

Unless they’re a demoted alpha that was adopted by a rival pack, they’re an omega for a reason. They’re weak. They remain weak, or don’t call them an Omega.

I don’t even go for Middle, Lower, Inbetween, Higher, but not quite Alpha, Revolutions.

Again they earn that rank, based on their strength. They can’t magically get stronger in a single chapter. Unless they’re jacked up on some serious steroids, than it might be a possibility.

And lastly, Rogue Revolutions where a single wolf come in, kill the alpha, and everyone’s okay with it.

To me, a pack is a family, if a rogue were to attack my alpha we won’t be sitting around with a bowl of popcorn watching the fight. We’d defend yourself. It won’t be just the alpha who was killed, before my pack would let a rogue take them over.

Just saying, your pack might be different, but this is how mines rolls.

4- Sub vs. Dom- this one is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.

If you’re doing Sub vs Dom relationship, no way in hell is the sub ever going to overpower the dominant. Can they rebel and be a little ass at times, well yeah, but at the end of the day, if there’s a fight, that sub is getting their ass kicked hands down- no debate.

This might happen in the human world, but for me in werewolf land, everything runs on instincts, so if you’re a submissive in the bedroom, you’re not alpha material. A sub is someone who submits because of instincts, so they better be submitting to any and all stronger wolves.

The biggest bummer ever is when people go on sub power trips, and they win a fight against the alpha or dominant partner. That is not a sub! That’s characters a dominant. If you want them to be a bottom, just say their a power bottom who control the relationship while taking it up the ‘you know what,’ because no way on god’s green earth should that person be labeled a sub.

5- Rank Respect

Yes characters can get a little pissy and mouth off, but a lower rank constantly mouthing off to the ALPHA, that’s insane! No way, no way in hell, the only exception might be their mate, is an Alpha going to tolerate a lower rank disrespecting them. That boy or girl is going to get their ass laid out.

Werewolf have instincts that tell them not to do this. Even if the character is just a little ass who doesn’t care, that’s perfectly fine, but I want to see some consequences. I want strict punishments.

I don’t know how everyone else grew up, but if I mouth offed to any adult, I was in trouble, and I learned to keep my mouth shut at a young age. Now switch that with an alpha, I’d forever keep my opinions to myself.

Hell, I’d be mute.


Okay so I think that’s about it. This turned more into a rant rather than advice. Oh god, I can already tell this is going to be bad.

Anyways, if I find a little gem that has all these traits, I’m all over it. I can overlook bad grammar or even a clique or two, hell my stories have a few cliques in them, because for me, this is real life reasoning in a fantasy setting.

That’s the key. If you can make he believe that your story could actually be real, you’ve won me as a reader. Because let’s face it, life sucks at times, and you can’t win them all, but at least in a fantasy you’re guaranteed a happy ending.

Unless you’ve read 700, then forget about that end part. Sometimes life just sucks… ;)

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