" moving forward "

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The bright sun beamed into my bedroom on a bright Saturday morning. I glanced down and saw Travis asleep on my now much bigger belly. I was 6 months now, and strongly resembled a whale. I hadn't done a photoshoot in months, because my face was just way too fat. But, money definitely wasn't a problem. Money was still rolling in from several magazines and, Travis was bringing in a lot. I twisted Travis' curls around my finger with a slight pout on my face. He had cut his dreads off a few months back and was growing out this perfect curly fro. It was cute but, I couldn't help but miss twisting his hair for him when he needed me too. I played with his ear, trying my best to wake him up.

"Wake uppppp." I hummed in his ear.

He groaned some and shook his head, covering his face. I shook my head, laughing and slowly lifting off of the bed and going to the bathroom. I completed all my daily hygiene and pulled my hair out of its messy curly bun. I ran my fingers through it while walking back into the bedroom. Travis was now sitting up on the bed, playing Aa on his phone. I giggled seeing him get frustrated that he couldn't get past a certain level. He locked his phone and sat it on the nightstand before getting up and walking over to me. He bent down to kiss me but I held my hand in front of his mouth.

"Go brush first morning mouth." I laughed before going downstairs to start on breakfast.

He playfully rolled his eyes and went to the bathroom. While walking downstairs, I could feel the baby moving around. It honestly brought the biggest smile to my face. I rubbed my stomach while opening the fridge and pulling out all the ingredients. I get to finally find out today if I'm really having a little mini me. Regina and my dad are coming down today to come with me. I'm extremly nervous to see my dad, I don't even know how Regina got him to come. Travis isn't nervous at all to meet him. I know my dad is gonna be really rude to him and hopefully, Travis handles it well. The main thing my dad is going to attack is our age difference. I was still 17 and Travis was 21. I saw nothing wrong with it but, I know he's going to hate it.

As I scrammbled the eggs, Travis wrapped his arms around my waist and placed soft kisses on my neck. I smiled and turned around, wrapping my arms around his neck. He kissed me, our lips moving in sync. We shared a passionate kiss until I smelled something burning. I quickly turned back around and turned the stove off, dumping the eggs in the trash. Travis laughed at me and I folded my arms.

"Let me stick to the cooking baby." He chuckled.

"You distracted me." I huffed.

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes.

He poked my pouty lip back in and pecked my lips causing a small smile creep on my face. He bent down some to my belly and placed kisses all around it. We both jumped some seeing my belly kind of move. Travis looked up at me with a worried face and I couldn't do anything but laugh. He's just so clueless but it's cute.

"Why it's moving like that?" He questioned. "You good? Does that hurt? Is the ba--?"

I cut him off, covering his mouth. "She just has the hiccups babe, that's all."

"Oh." He breathed a sigh of relief. "Lil man had me worried in there."

"It's a girl." I stomped my foot. "Stop calling her a him."

"If it's a boy, you have to actually come to the studio with me and listen and watch what I do. If it's a girl, I'll help you paint your nails and toes tonight. Deal?" He raised an eyebrow.

I folded my arms over my breast and thought for a minute. I don't like going to the studio because it's always loud and actually kind of irritating now that I'm pregnant. The sofa in there definitely isn't comfortable and at this point in my pregnancy, I just want to lay down all the time. But, I do my nails and toes done, I haven't gotten them done because now the smell of nail salons makes me nasueous. I smirked and shook his hand.

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