Chapter 15, Do as I say, not as I do

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When Reed opened the door he didn't seem surprised to see me and stepped aside to let me in.

"You have a fight?"

"Don't want to talk about it" I said putting my bag down and following him to his room where loud music by our favorite band Sonic blasted out.

Sure I hadn't been into heavy metal and MCR about a year ago but now that he had introduced me to it, I now understood what it was all about.

I flopped on his bed and lay down next to him, listening.

My skin tingled where Reed was tracing the outline of the shooting star tattoo on my stomach.

Mom had freaked out at first when she'd seen it before learning to accept it because it was permanent.

I'd got it a few months after meeting Reed as it represented new beginnings which fit really.

"I was thinking of getting another" I said my eyes closed.

"Where?" his lips grazing my ear, neck and kissing me just under my jaw.

"My wrist, maybe a skull or chains"

"Don't do it to spite your mom"

"You can talk"

He had five tattoos, my favorite was the one on his shoulder of a girl with black hair and green eyes like mine coming out of fire.

He'd told me that it symbolized the way I had burst into his life with all my emotional baggage which he put up with because he wanted to be with me.

"Ok so I'm a hypocrite. I guess I don't want you to regret it"

"You worry too much for a badass"

"It's hard not to worry, you're always so..." he said searching for the right word.

"Crazy, Reckless, irresponsible?" I offered

"Yes all of those things but you're also really random and in the moment. You don't care about what's happened or what's going to happen, you just live in the moment. That's what attracted me to you when we met"

"It wasn't my charming good looks and matching personality?" I teased.

"That helped too"

We were silent for a moment, the music helping me calm down when he said "Are you sure about this?"


"You're only seventeen Katy; don't ruin things because you had a fight"

I knew how he felt about his mom; he didn't want me making the same mistake as he had.

He loved her but when she had married his stepdad, he had been angry about it and had kicked off, leaving to live with his brother.

When she became sick recently he'd gone to help his stepdad look after her, putting his feelings aside.

"You make it sound like I'm a little kid"

"You are in some ways"

I hated it when he said things like this, it made me feel like a kid playing grown-ups.

"You're only a year older than me"

"A year can be huge. Does she know you're here?"

"Yeah and she doesn't care. Can we stop talking about her? It's giving me a headache. I need a roll up" I said opening my eyes and sitting up.

"How about a beer instead?"


When he came back he held three cans and handed me two, opening his own and taking a swig.

I did the same, getting out my sketchpad and pencil to sketch him, annoyed that I didn't have my full art set.

By the time I'd finished my first can, I'd done his profile and his features, adding pencil tone to his face.

He turned the volume down and listened then said "Wait here" I didn't and followed him.

He gave me a disbelieving look and carried on into the living room where his brother Matt was, already pouring himself a drink.

"Hey, not that I'm not happy to see you but isn't it kinda late?" he said when he saw me, drinking a shot of whiskey.

"About that" I started but Reed cut in "She's moving in"

Matt raised his eyebrows "For how long?"

"Until she sorts things out with her mom" Reed said, ignoring my irritated look. I wasn't planning on going back at all.

"Does she know that you're here?" Matt said sprawling himself on the couch with the whole bottle of whiskey.

"Yeah" I said, not quite sure how he felt about me being here, not that it would stop me from staying.

"And is she ok with it?"

"I said she knows didn't I?"

"Alright whatever, just making sure. It's a little messy"

I gave him a dry look "I noticed and I don't care. Just don't expect me to clean or anything"

"Ooh check out your rich girl Reed" he said laughing loudly.

Reed was giving him a dirty look as he watched his brother drink.

"So can I stay or not?"

"Sure" and that was it.

We went back to Reed's room and I continued with my sketch, leaving my second can unopened.

"You'll sleep in here" Reed said when it got past one in the morning, just after I'd finished my drawing.

"Where will you sleep?"

"On the couch or Matt's room if he doesn't move his drunken ass"

"Why aren't you sleeping in here?"

"I thought you'd want space"

I wrapped my arms around him "I want to sleep with you and not in that way before you get any ideas"

He smiled "since you're not paying rent then you could pay me in kind"

I sighed heavily "Keep dreaming"

"Are you sure I can't convince you to..." and left me to finish that sentence.

"No" I said firmly

He laughed and kissed me then left so I could change.

I wore a tank top with shorts, he did a low whistle when he came back saying "You look amazing" looking at me appreciatively.

It turned out he only slept in a pair of sweats and no shirt and I cuddled up to him in his bed.

"I feel weird, don't know why but it's like something's changed" I said, half asleep so I had no idea what was coming out of my mouth at that moment.

Reed pulled me back suddenly so I was looking at him, I opened my eyes.

"You mean you're knocked up?" he asked, horror on his face, I almost laughed "No idiot. I meant it feels like everything's changed"

We hadn't slept together for three weeks what with him being gone and now this and I knew how much he wanted us to do it again but I wanted to be in the mood first.

Not when I was thinking about my mother either, that was a huge turn off.

He sighed with relief "You had me there for a minute. Your brother would actually hunt me down and kill me if I ever knocked you up" but there was faint smile on his face, probably at the thought of being in a fight with my brother.

"It's not going to happen. That's what those are for" I said, pointing at the little packets on the beer crate he used as a bedside table.

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