Viking!Denmark x Reader

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Third Viking one shot! Two more to go! After this one, I'm not sure what I'm sure what I'll write for Viking!Sweden and Viking!Finland. Ideas? This was also requested by LOTRAttackFairyTail.

You ran past trees and ducked under low hanging branches, occasionally jumping over tree roots.

Arrows were shot at the trees, just missing you.

"Come back here ______! You can't hide from the King of the North!" A voice echoed through the forest.

That voice belonged to your enemy, Denmark.

You jumped over a bush and an arrow shot through your cape, pinning it to the ground.

You pulled at your cape but it wouldn't come up. The knot that is keeping you attached to your cape won't come undone either.

"Gotcha!" Denmark yelled as he pounced on you and bound your hands.

"Get off!" You yelled as you squirmed under him.

"Oh no, you're not getting away this time." He ripped the arrow out of your cape and pulled you to your feet.

One end of the rope was in his hands so it was practically a leash.

You wiggled in your ropes.

"No use trying to get free." He called behind his shoulder. You sighed and walled along.

Denmark took you to a clearing and tied you to a tree, like a pirate would tie an enemy to the mast.

"You could have, oh I don't know, not have aimed for my face!" You shouted at him.

He pulled out an arrow and shot right next to your head and made you jump. He let out a laugh and came closer to you.

"You're cute when you struggle." He reached out to your face. Your movement was limited and you tilted your head, trying to escape his grasp.

You couldn't move your head anymore and he cupped your face in his hand, rubbing your cheek with his thumb.

You winced at the feeling of his gloved hand and closed your eyes.

"Don't try to hide your (e/c) eyes from me." He pulled his hand away and you opened your eyes to see him walking away.

"Where are you going?"

"I'll be back." Denmark called over his shoulder.

"Get back here and untie me!" You squirmed in your ropes.

"I'll be back!" He called again and then disappeared into the woods.

You let out a sigh and tried to get a little comfortable, with no success.

"Stupid Dane..." You muttered.

You stood there for what seemed like hours until you see Denmark through the trees.

"Finally!" You exclaimed and moved a little.

"Can you untie me now?" You shouted as he walked into the 5 meter range of the tree you were tied to.

"Nope." He yelled and then kept walking until he was face to face with you.


"Where were you?" You asked, a little irritated.

"I was out." He said as he stood a foot away and sat down onto the ground.

"Why can't you untie me? I've been here forever and my legs are sore." You pouted.

"I can't let you escape." He said as he put sticks in a pile.

"Will you at least tie me up in a more comfortable position?" You asked nicely.

"I don't see why not. If you try and run I won't hesitate to put an arrow in your leg." He said casually and stood.

Denmark bound your hands once again then untied the rope that kept you to the tree.

You stood still as he climbed up the tree and tied the other end of the rope attached to your hands to a high hanging branch.

"There. Now you can lay down if you want." He said as he jumped down from the tree and returned to his pile of sticks and started a fire.

You sighed in relief as you sat on the ground with your back to the tree and yawned.


"A little." You said as you rubbed your eyes a little.

"You can sleep if you want."

You laid down and heard Denmark move towards you and then sat down, also putting your head in his lap.

"So your hair doesn't get dirty."

You smiled a little at how he cared and yawned again.

"Thank you." You muttered peacefully and fell asleep.

When you woke up, you snuggled into your pillow. For some reason your pillow had a heart beat and it was breathing.

You looked up to see Denmark asleep. Your head was on his chest, your hands untied and resting on his chest as well, and his arm around your shoulder.

You blushed as you stood up and stretched then nudged Denmark with your boot.

He sat up and yawned. "Morning."

You held up your wrists. "I know. I thought it would be uncomfortable." He said as he stood and grabbed some of his stuff.

"Oh. Thanks then." He turned and shot an arrow right next to your foot making you jump aside.

"What the heck?!" He walked over and moved the pile of leaves, revealing a snake.

"It was gonna bite you." He said with a smirk.

"How did you see it?"

"I didn't see it. I heard it." He pointed to his ear and started walking and you followed him.

"Now what?" You asked.

"You can do whatever." He said with a shrug.

You instantly thought that living with Denmark wouldn't be that bad.

I'm sorry it was so late and short, I had a good portion of it done and it got deleted so I had to start over. Hope you liked it!

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