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Hey guys, so you know how, usually, Renesmee's twin is hated, well in this story Elizabeth isn't, she's special, problem is, how? Why is she more different then Renesmee?

When you see me, you'd think, 'Oh, you're so nice', well truth be told, I am. But tha thing is.....I my self, feel different, but I don't know how, please read my story, on how, I've been through love... death... pain... and much more...

~Elizabeth Rosalice Swan Cullen....


Elizabeth Rosalice Swan Cullen, she is the 'twin' of Renesmee. At first, her family adored her.. So much.. But soon enough, Isabella, or Bella, her mom, and Rosalie start to turn..

Nobody has even noticed, but soon enough, something happened with Elizabeth, and Rosalie comes a back a little, but soon enough reverts back..

What is to happen with Elizabeth? She is Destined.. What happened, if soon enough, the rest could turn mean as well?

This isn't your ordinary Renesmee Twin Story.. No, this story, followed our one and only, Destined Diamond...

~ Updated Summary-2016, January 1st ~

Elizabeth Rosalice Swan Cullen, the twin Stephanie Meyer failed to let us know about. Why? Because Elizabeth is a destiny our world needs to unlock. She holds keys that most people can't acquire.

What are they? Sympathy. Love. Hope. Beauty. Grace; and, so much more.

Yes, many people have gained them. But not them all.

But not all of the keys. Elizabeth has. Let's backtrack, yeah? Let's let Elizabeth tell us her secret, her life, let's let her tell us her adventure.

Book 2; Pained Diamond. (Completed)

Book 3; Fragile Diamond (Being Written)

Updated February 12, 2016, just one paragraph.

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