Chapter 32; A Diversion

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Return of the King; Disc 2

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Chapter 32; A Diversion

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Aaron sat up slightly on the bed. Stiff, being the first thought to go through her head. Her limbs ached and pulled at her to lie back down and she was happy to oblige.

Then there was a rap on the door, and she groaned outwardly.

"Yes?" She asked, pulling the covers up over her head to block out the intruding sun and to get the intention she didn't want to get up.

The door opened, but she already knew who it was. Who else would open the door without announcing themselves, and walk as quietly as a mouse? Besides she could smell him. He smelt of the woods with a hint of blood.

"You're extremely cruel." She grumbled. Aragorn chuckled before flopping down beside her on the bed.

"I did let you sleep."

"Mhh... Okay, that lightens the blow a bit." She forced one hand out from under the blanket and pointed one finger. "Just a little."

"Sure it does." He poked her side. She shot to the other side, kneeing him in the process. She heard the satisfying THUNK! as he hit the floor and chuckled to herself. "Grr... Get up you dog. Meeting in the throne room in one hour."

"Yeah, whatever. Bye!" The door closed and Aaron brought the blanket down with a sigh.


Aaron fingered the howling wolf cord hanging around her neck absently as she leaned over on the second step leading up to the throne her brother could very well be owning soon. Scary thought, she thought. Gimli sat down in the Steward's seat smoking his long pipe. Aaron was told by Gandalf that the Steward had indeed died, and boy was she glad for it. Legolas stood off to the side, his Elven presence lighting that side of the room. Was there nothing that phased himÉomer stood beside the Elf. His sister hopefully awake after her encounter and killing of the Nazgal King. Gandalf walked from beside Aaron toward Aragorn standing with his back facing everyone.

"Frodo has passed beyond my sight." Gandalf said. "The darkness is deepening."

"If Sauron had the Ring, we would know it." Aragorn said.

"It's only a matter of time. He has suffered a defeat, yes,but behind the walls of Mordor, our enemy of regrouping."

"Let him stay there." Gimli chimmed in. "Let him rot! Why should we care?"

"Because ten thousand Orcs now stand between Frodo and Mount Doom. I've sent him to his death." Gandalf shook his head.

"The name does imply that." Aaron muttered, not loud enough for anyone but the Elf-eared Elf to hear. He shot her a glare.

"No." Aragorn finally turned around to face them. "There is still hope for Frodo. He needs time and safe passage across the plains of Gorgoroth. We can give him that."

"How?" Gimli asked.

"Draw out Sauron's armies. Empty his lands. Then we gather our full strength and march on the Black Gate." Gimli coughed out his smoke with a choking breath.

"We cannot achieve victory through strength of arms." Éomer said, stepping forward.

"Not for ourselves. But we can give Frodo his chance if we keep Sauron's Eye fixed upon us. Keep him blind to all else that moves."

"A diversion." Legolas prompted looking up.

"Certainty of death... small chance of success... What are we waiting for?" Gimli asked.

"Sauron will suspect a trap." Gandalf said turning on Aragorn. "He will not take the bait."

"Oh, I think he will." Aragorn answered, looking smug.

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