I'm updating, beacuse procrastination. haha, so this is a calum's pov. quick update!

POV calum

"Hey guys, I got the beer. It's just a six packs though" I say

"calum, there's fucking 5 of us now. How are all of us suppose to get fucking wasted?" Michael whined

 I roll my eyes but day sternly, "We are not, she's only having one and so am I. You three and deal with the 4 remaining"

We order two large pizzas and we play fifa. Ashton being the little shit he is, won't play and is complaining how we should play something like Grand theft auto or call of duty

I hand the controller to Luke and turn to see Cassie shifting through her bag and grabs a handful of shredded bits of paper. I pick the pieces up from the trashcan. I know it's wrong but..

"Hey calum, I just lost. Michael wants to play against you again"

"yeah, okay. can you hang with cass?" I grab the controller and sit next to Michael

"Dude you're so crushed"

"What do you mean, I'm winning"I laugh

"no, I mean about cass. face it you're so whipped"

"am not" I say

"yeah? Then why would you help her, i mean duh you'd help her. But bribing Mali to be quiet, getting her a job at the diner when you need one too. You're absolutely batshit crazy and you can't even see that she's not that into you"

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