Chapter 14: A mother's love lasts a lifetime

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By the time the day was over, I was determined to get it over with so I went home to wait for her to come back, packing my bags and leaving them on the floor.

Nine took it's time but finally when I checked my cell, it was two minutes past nine so I sat up and fixed my hair, lipstick and eyeliner then paced until I heard her keys jangling.

Taking the steps two at a time and stood at the foot of the staircase waiting.

Mom came in looking tired and when she saw me, she looked away and walked to the kitchen to pour her usual glass of red wine.

"You're still not talking to me?"

She didn't answer so I said "I mean it, I'll leave and never come back" my voice louder and I tried not to cringe when it bounced on the walls.

Again she said nothing, only downing her glass and pouring more before downing that too.

"Seriously, I'm not bluffing" I said, snatching the bottle and pouring it down the sink, wanting her to shout and react like she normally would.

"Not now Katy" she said finally, sighing heavily and sinking into the stool at the bar.

"No, how about right now? Say what you really want to say to me. That I'm a huge disappointment and you're ashamed to call me your daughter. Say it" my tone hard.

Mom's gaze went past me to the window although I was standing in front of her.

"I give up with you Katy; I have tried time and time again to steer you in the right direction but you always do the opposite of what I say so what's the point? You do what you want and you don't care who you hurt in the process but I am telling you now that I'm tired of everything. That poster was the last straw and I can't handle it anymore. You're right, I have tried to ignore the way you behave in the hope that you'd somehow see sense and be the good girl you used to be. How naïve was I? I have a stressful job to deal with without you adding to my stress."

I was stunned. This had been the most she had said to me in months and I was just stunned at everything she'd just said much it hurt.nShe'd just confirmed what I'd been saying this afternoon to Reed that she didn't care about me at all.

I swallowed and fought not to scream at her, it wouldn't help my case at all. "Fine, I'll get out of your hair then."

"Where will you go?" she asked her tone flat showing just how concerned she was.

"What do you care?"

"I knew you wouldn't leave"

"Trust me I am. Thanks for everything mother, have a party or something. Turn my room into the spa you've always wanted to ease your stress" I said sarcastically going and getting my bags from my room, stopping when Robbie blocked my way.

"You're not leaving"

"Yes I am and you can't stop me Robbie"

"Katy don't do this, just sleep on it and make a decision later. You know mom didn't mean anything she just said"

"You shouldn't have been eavesdropping"

"I wasn't, I could hear you from up here. You're my little sister; you're not supposed to move out before I do"

"Well guess what? Your little kid sister just grew up. I'll see you later ok? Just cos I've moved out doesn't mean we can't see each other"

"I'm supposed to look after you"

I smiled a little "I don't need looking after; you don't have to chase away the monster under my bed like when I was eight"

"Katy think about this"

"I have"

"Where are you gonna go?"


He shook his head, his black hair sticking up in all directions. "I can't let you do that"

"Sorry for being the worst sister ever but I can't stay here. Later?"

He nodded reluctantly and let me pass.

Mom was standing at the bottom of the stairs and had been listening to everything we'd just said.

All I did was toss my house keys on the table before pushing past her and leaving.

She didn't even try and stop me.

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