Part 16: Love Advice

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Author's Note:
Sorry for not uploading consistently, my school is going hard on everyone. It ends on June 18th, so I'm going to have a lot of time for writing pretty soon.

Preston's POV

October 19th, Friday - 18:10 PM

"Anyways, what advice did you need?" I ask. Clarence almost chokes on her fries, coughing a couple of times.

"You might think I went to the wrong person, but I need an opinion from a guy." Ooooh. Yeah, no... I'm the worst person to go to for advice. I was a 'spiritual leader' of some sort to one of my friends back home. Let's say the girl left the date early. "I... have this guy I like."

I nod for her to go on.

"So basically, Morgana and Reagan are kind of suprised I don't have a guy I like yet... for Annabeth that isn't much of a suprise after the Tristan guy." She says, taking a sip of cola. It's rather strange how she is comfortable with the idea of telling someone she barely sees and someone she recently about her love problems. Probably because I'm the only guy she is on friendly terms with. "Clare, you would be suprised when I tell you one of my friends got ditched on his date after I gave him advice, but go on."

"Whatever, it's not like it will hurt me if he rejects me. I met him during lunchtime, kind of bumped into him on accident... and spilled his coffee on him." I wince at the thought. I've had hot coffee spilled on myself a couple of times... hurt like a bitch. "Don't worry, it wasn't hot, but he could still be lying." I let out a sigh of relief. "Thank god, I literally remember that once the coffee from my dorm's vending machine was hot as hell, and I ran into Brittany on accident... let's say I felt like literal planet Venus ran into me."

Clarence covers her mouth but lets out a small laugh. I motion for her to continue.

"I did kind of learn that he's into video games, but also likes to read a good book, like I do myself. So I'm wondering, should I ask him to hang out or should I not?"

"That's rather difficult to answer, but I would just say go for it." She smiles at my reply and continues eating. My wallet is crying, I'm torturing the poor thing. Clare has one hell of a stomach, I wouldn't be suprised if it's bottomless.

"Thanks... I'm going to ask him to hang out."

You know that moment when you feel a small bit of joy for helping someone get the confidence? Yep, that's my feeling right now.

Time skip...

October 20th, Saturday - 10:20 AM

After yesterday, I'm still waiting for Clarence to make her move. I seriously hope it works out. I'm not even kidding, my friend Ethan asked me for advice and the girl basically dumped him in the middle of the date.

I still feel like shit because of that. I'm currently watching Gravity Falls, a show that Ellen and Katherine insisted I check out.

As revenge, I told them to watch every single The Conjuring movie on the planet. I know that they hate Annabelle, the damn doll. Confession time, I got scared by her... once.

I feel my phone vibrate.

💀Someone Dying Tonight💀


llen🍹 - 10:22

Ellen🍹 - 10:22
What do you wish for
your death sentence?

Katherine🐰 - 10:23
I mean...

Preston✨ - 10:23
It scared you that much?

Katherine🐰 - 10:23

Ellen🍹 - 10:23
Did you tell him I can't
handle horror movies?

Preston✨ - 10:24

For a few moments there is simply nothing being typed. The next second they both start typing at the same time. Oh lord... here comes a new hole in my ass.

Katherine🐰 - 10:25
My bad

Katherine🐰 - 10:25

Preston✨ - 10:26
Next time I'm gonna make
you watch Winx or smth

Ellen🍹 - 10:26

Ellen🍹 - 10:26
I prefer Avatar: The Last
Airbender thanks

Preston✨ - 10:26
Fine by me

Katherine🐰 - 10:26
Alright, let's continue

Ellen🍹 - 10:27

They both go online. I seriously hope they don't make me get into a bet I can't win, just so they can make me watch some children TV show.

Keyword hope. I remember last time I made a bet with my friend Savannah back at my hometown. The bet was that who gets the best grades and scores has to make the one with the lower score do whatever the winner pleases.

I literally had to run down the street without a shirt and yell 'I'm gonna steal all your daughters' on the top of my lungs.

Worst part was that Savannah's dad was the first person that I encountered while running down the street.

Yeah... her dad hates me, but her mom is still laughing her ass off whenever the event is mentioned around her. For some reason, I think Savannah would be thrilled to meet Annabeth and Brittany the most.

Let's be real, the trio is way too similar to each other. The personality.

All of a sudden I hear the song 'Selfie' boom through my empty dorm. It's Clarence.

Now, for the context for why I picked that song... she wanted a selfie where we stuffed our mouths with McDonald's fries. We literally looked like those people who put around fifty cigarettes in their mouth.

"Hello, this is your resident degenerate twat with too much time speakng, how may I help you?" Clarence immediately starts laughing.

"That was a funny one."


"Nothing much, I asked the dude if he wanted to hang out, he said yes!" She squeals in excitement. If I said I didn't grin right now, I would he lying. This is the first time my advice has worked out. "That went well, good luck on the date!"

"It's not a d-date, it's more of a friendly... outing?" She stutters a bit before continuing on how she is excited. I seriously hope her date goes well.

I can just imagine Annabeth's face when she realizes that she's the only single one out of the four of them. Brittany will take a picture of it, I already talked about the possibility of Clare finding herself a man.

Britt was skeptical at first, but decided to trust my intuition on this one.

Author's Note:

I'm going to sleep, see y'all next Sunday.

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