Chapter One

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After breakfast, Mom and I cleaned the dishes. Matthew fell asleep; and Dad was sorting out last minute things for Ryan and I. Ryan is the Alpha of our Royal Pack. He is by far the greatest leader and fighter. He is also really close to my family, which is why he is going with me. The plan is to travel around to find my mate. We will go to each pack, sniff around. Literally. Apparently, I can smell my mate, and instantly know that its him. Weird. Ryan needed to meet up with other Alphas anyway, so it kills two birds with one stone.

"Party time!" someone yelled. I heard the door close and footsteps started coming towards us. Mom and I were watching Criminal Minds in the living room. We both turned around and Ryan entered.

"Ryan!" I exclaimed. I jumped off the couch to hug him. Ryan chuckled and hugged me back.

"Well, I feel loved" a female voice said. I turned and saw Jordyn, Ryan's mate. I pulled away from Ryan and gently hugged Jordyn. "I'm not glass you know" Jordyn teased.

I smiled as I moved away from her. "But you are very, very pregnant" I said. Ryan and Mom chuckled while nodding in agreement.

"Isn't she due in a few weeks?" Mom asked. Jordyn nodded and patted her belly. "Have you thought of any names?"

Jordyn opened her mouth, but Ryan cut her off before she could speak. "His name is gonna be Ryan Junior" he stated proudly. 

Jordyn hit his arm. "For the last time! It's a girl! How many time do we have to say it, so that it gets through your thick alpha skull?!" Jordyn said exasperated.

"What are you naming her?" I asked Jordyn. Ryan glared at me, and I smiled innocently at him.

"Well, this guy-" she pointed at Ryan with her thumb. "wanted a Ryan Junior. So I compromised. Rilynn" she said with a smile. Mom squealed like a teenager. Ryan chuckled and kissed Jordyn.

I fake gagged. "Gross! PDA!" I shouted, covering my eyes. Everyone started laughing. I opened my eyes just as Dad entered the room.

"Ryan" they did the bro-hug thing. "Hello, Jordyn" Dad said and kissed her cheek.

"Hello, David" Jordyn said. "Ryan needed to talk to you about Alpha stuff. And I wanted to give Eve this" Jordyn held up a small rectangular box.

I smiled. "You didn't have to get me anything" I said and pulled her into a hug.

Jordyn laughed. "You will be happy that I did though" she held the box out to me. It was wrapped in light blue wrapping paper and a little white bow.

I pulled off the bow and undid the wrapping. It was a black jewelry box. I looked up at Jordyn and she looked excited. I slowly opened the box and gasped. It was a white gold charm bracelet. There were five charms. The letters G and B connected, a small wolf, a crown, a simple heart, and a butterfly. It was beautiful. I just stood there and gaped at it.

"Do you like it?" Jordyn asked nervously.

I looked up at her and nodded. "I love it" I put the jewelry on the table and hugged her. "It's beautiful"

"It looked better in silver, but..." she trailed off. I laughed. Silver can hurt werewolves. Stereotypical. It sucks that we can't touch something so beautiful. But, I still have silver jewelry. It's just not real. Real silver is absolutely stunning, though.

"It was my idea" Ryan stated. I laughed and gave him a hug.

Jordyn hit Ryan's arm again. "Don't lie. Your only idea was the letters" she scoffed.

"It was still a good idea!" Ryan argued. Everyone laughed.

I wrapped my arms around his waist. "It was a great idea. Thanks, Ryan" I said sincerely.

Ryan grinned. "Thanks, kiddo" I frowned at the nickname. He laughed. "Sorry, your still a kid. Legally, you're an adult. But to me, an adult is someone who can go bar-hopping"

"I can go bar-hopping" I stated. It just won't be legal, by human laws.

"That would be illegal. But we are gonna go pack-hopping" He said with a smile. Pack-hopping?

"What the hell is pack-hopping?" Dad voiced my thoughts.

"Like bar-hopping, but with packs" Ryan said in a duh tone. Everyone just stared at him. "Going from pack to pack. We are gonna be pack-hopping, so Eve can find her mate" Ryan explained.

Jordyn squealed. "I forgot about that! He's gonna be the best mate ever!" If she wasn't pregnant, I could totally imagine her jumping up and down like a teenager.

"Wow. That's not offensive" Ryan pouted, Jordyn kissed his cheek and he smiled. The power of the mate bond right there. "I'm gonna have a talk with him before anything happens" Ryan cracked his knuckles.

His mate narrowed her eyes at him. "You're gonna chase away her mate before I get to meet him?!" Jordyn exclaimed. Ryan paled. Never, ever, ever make a pregnant werewolf mad. Especially if she is a Luna.

"I'll just make sure that he's good for Eve" he defended.

Jordyn whacked the back of his head. "Of course he's good for her! The Moon Goddess wouldn't pick someone that's not good enough for Eve. She did nothing wrong, so her mate must be perfect" Jordyn threw her hands up exasperated.

"Let's go talk about that alpha stuff" Dad said to Ryan. Saved by the King. Ryan nodded and they walked off.

"What do you wanna do now?" Jordyn asked. I actually have no idea. It's my birthday. I had an amazing breakfast. I hung out with my family. I didn't have any other plans for today. I should pack for the trip though. But what am I gonna wear?

"Shopping trip" I said. Jordyn and Mom smiled and we left to go to the mall.


I ended up getting a few nice shirts, two leather jackets, a couple of dresses, and new boots. My mom, Jordyn, and I walked in the house. Ryan and Dad were still talking. How much did they have to discuss? We've been gone for hours.

"They are just finalizing details for the trip" Mom reassured me. I nodded and went to my bedroom. I packed my new clothes mixed with some of my favorite outfits. I put all my necessities into a separate bag and set the bags by my bed.

Knock. Knock. Knock. "Come in" I called, lying on my bed.

I heard the door creek open. "Eve?" Matthew walked in. I sat up and leaned against the headboard. Matthew climbed onto my bed and rested his head on my lap.

"How was your nap?" I asked while running my hand through his blonde locks.

"I'm still sleepy" he mumbled. I chuckled and kissed the top of his head. "Eve?" I hummed in response. "Mommy said that you're leaving" I felt something wet on my legs. I stopped playing with his hair, and I pulled him off my legs. Matthew had tears streaming down his cheeks. I pulled him onto my lap and wiped his face.

I kissed his head. "Just for a little while" I gave him a small smile. "To find my mate" I told him.

Matthew frowned. "But Daddy said that outside isn't safe" he sniffled. 

"My mate will protect me. And Ryan is coming with me" I assured him.

"But what about Aunt Jordyn? Isn't she gonna miss him?" he questioned.

I nodded. "So you'll have to keep her company. You have to keep Mommy company too"

"Yeah. Cause her and Daddy will miss you" he started playing with the hem of my shirt. "I'm gonna miss you too" Matthew sniffled and started crying again.

I shushed him and rocked him in my lap. "I'll be back very soon. I promise" Matthew nodded and he fell back asleep in my arms. Not long after, I found myself drifting asleep.

This is the last night in my bed for at least a month. The last night in my room. The last night with Matthew. Then everything will change. I will be Queen. I will have a mate. With those thoughts, I drifted off to sleep.

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