One- First Day.

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No one understood what was wrong with Castiel for a very long time. For a while he was bright, happy child, playing with his brothers and acting like a child should act. At the age of three it all changed. His father noticed his behavior charge for the worst. His smiled disappeared from his face and he didnt play anymore.  He would sit alone and never answered to his name. As he grew up they noticed how he wasn't very good a communicating. He excluded himself from any and all convisations whenever he could. He barely let anyone touch him, even his parents couldn't touch him.

He was diagnosed with Autism at four.

Years later, Castiel had to start high school.  One of the scariest things he had ever thought about having to do.

"Castiel, stop staring into space and get ready for school" His father yelled from the kitchen where he was cleaning up after breakfast.

"mhm." Castiel hummed, getting up from the couch and walking to the bathroom, jumping up the stairs one by one like he did when he was younger.

He walked into the bathroom "Toothbrush.."He mumbled,  opening the cabinet above the sink and pulling out his toothbrush. He quickly cleaned his teeth and showered.

He walked out the shower, slowly into his bedroom.

Castiels bedroom was not one of a teenager.  His walls were a clean, creamy colour, and his floor was the same dark wood that covered the house. His bed was in the corner, neatly made and he had a few cameras lined up on a shelf along the wall.

He clenched his hands tightly at his sides before quickly moving to the cupboard by the closed window and getting dressed. He wore some black trackie pants, a white shirt and his favorite thing ever, his trench coat. He pulled it on himself, hugging it to his body as he walked over to his school bag, zipping up the bag and pulling it over his shoulders.

Cas sat on the side of the bed, mumbling to himself quietly "You can do it..." He said softly, clenching his hands again "Its" He sighed and stood up again, jumping down the stairs and almost running into his older brother, Gabriel.

Gabriel quickly moved out the way, "Careful Cassie, dont want to hurt you." He said with a smile.  Gabriel knew Cas didnt like to be touch, he was always so calm about eveything too.

"You excited for your first day bud!" Gabriel grinned, talking a little louder.

Cas immediately shook hid head "Im scared.." He whispered, looking down at his feet and clenching his hands once again.

Gabriel noticed and shook his head "Ill be a text away, remeber that." He said softly, opening a draw next to him a putting out a small rubber ball. "Here." He grinned, holding it out for Cas to take."This is for you."

Cas picked up the ball curiously, holding it in his hand as he squeezed it, a small smile crossing his face. "Thank you brother." He grinned, putting the ball in his pocket before nodding at Gabriel,  signaling that he was ready to go.

Gabriel smiled and began walking outside with Castiel close to his side. "Your going to be fine Cas." Gabriel reasured,  noticing how nervous the boy was. He had already gone ahead and got Cas's timetable and installed it onto his phone to make it easier for him to find his classes.  Gabe wasent im any of his classes so he told the teachers to keep an eye on him because hes different.

They walked to school together. Gabriel at Castiels side as Castiel walked with his eyes on the floor.

"Here we are Cas." Gabriel announced,  ariving at the front gates of the school.

Castiel looked up and his heart stopped, a huge school,  with hundreds of kids, all yelling and screaming, running around amd playing games.  Cas froze in fear, he wanted to go home where he knew where everything was. He didn't want to do this. Cas clenched his hands again and shook his head.

"Castiel, its okay, ill get you to you first class, you'll be fine just relax for me..." Gabriel saod softly, standing in front of him.

Castiel took a breath, closing his eyes for a second before he nodded once again. And soon, he arived at his first class, english with Mr. Metatron.

"Take a seat Castiel" He mumbled, as Cas walked towards the seat at the back of the room, hidden in the corner.

It was going to be a long day.


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