"Bye, Em!" My dad immediately yelled back.

"Have fun!" Cynthia screamed.

Sadie and I left my house and began to walk down the street, to about where the restaurant was. When we reached that spot, we got off the pavement and stepped into the hot sand. We walked down just a little bit more until we reached the actual building. There were already loads of people there.

"Hey, girls," Anthony greeted us as soon as she we stepped on the restaurant property. It's like he was waiting for Sadie and I to arrive.

"Hey," we said in unison.

"Happy birthday," I added.

"Sadie, wanna have a quick dance with me?" He asked. I smiled as Sadie when she agreed and the two of them disappeared into the crowd. I don't think Sadie even really likes Anthony, but it'd be mean to decline someone when they ask you to dance, and it's the kid's birthday.

"Hey, bitch," Charlie greeted me. I was awkwardly standing on the outskirts of the restaurant, by myself. I was on the deck area that surrounded the place.

"Oh, hi," I replied.

"You looking for someone?" He asked, sounding very confused.

"Nope," I refused, even though I was. I was scoping out the beach, seeing if Johnny was anywhere near here. Of course, Danica told him what beach I was on, and it just so happens that it's the same beach that he's staying at.

"Did you know that I love this song, and Taylor Swift," I told him, as Wonderland by Taylor Swift started to play. This is both Sadie and I's favorite song of the week.

"Em!" I heard her yell.

"Over here!" I yelled back. She appeared out of the crowd with Justin and she ran over to me.

"We found wonderland," She started singing, before alternating to me.

"You and I got lost in it," I sang. We danced with each other and belted out the lyrics.

"You were supposed to dance with me, dumbfuck," Charlie laughed, grabbing my hands and spinning me around. Butterflies flew all around in my belly as I erupted with laughter in the middle of my singing. Even though Charlie and I are good friends now, I still have a little crush on him. I mean, how could you not? Just look at him. He's perfect.

"Didn't it seem all new and exciting? I felt your arms twisting 'round me. I should've slept with one eye open tonight," I sang the lyrics perfectly, and I felt pretty proud of myself.

"Why do I even bother?" Sadie whined, laughing.

"You're really good," Justin added.

"Thank you," I smiled.

"I'm gonna go get some food," Justin said.

"Welp," Sadie popped her lips. "I don't want to be a third wheel here, so byeee," She skipped off to meet up with Justin and they left just Charlie and I.

"Don't want to be creepy or anything, but there's this guy back here who's been staring at us for like three minutes now," Charlie said. I was just quietly singing to myself and drinking my soda before he said this, and now I'm all nervous that it's Johnny. I don't even want to turn around.

Charlie is leaning against the bar of the restaurant, which is one full circle in the middle of the restaurant. We were just standing towards the back left area, so nobody was really back here.

"What does he look like?" I asked.

"Blonde hair, kind of strong looking, like a football player. Pretty tall, maybe my height. He has blue swim trunks on," Charlie explained. And the description was on point.

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